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BP Seen Escaping U.S. Contracting Ban After Oil Spill Settlement, Danielle IvoryBloomberg Businessweek, November 15, 2012 

Pentagon Weapons Buyer Want to Limit Fixed-Price Jobs, Tony CapaccioBloomberg Businessweek, November 14, 2012 

Feds reviewing use-of-force along border , Elizabeth AguileraU~T San Diego, November 6, 2012 

Obama expands whistleblower protections to cover intelligence agencies, Kedar PavgiGovernment Execuitve (, October 11, 2012 

Obama Issues Directive on Intelligence Community Whistleblowers, Steven Aftergood Secrecy News, October 11, 2012 

Obama grants whistle-blower protections to intel employees, Sean ReillyFederal Times, October 11, 2012 

Whistle-blower protection extended to federal security agency employees, Judy GreenwaldBusiness Insurance, October 11, 2012 

Obama issues whistleblower directive to security agencies, Joe Davidson, ColumnistThe Washington Post, Federal Eye, October 11, 2012 

Transparency Outsourced as U.S. Hires Vendors for Disclosure Aid, Danielle IvoryBloomberg, October 8, 2012 

Order prohibits human trafficking by federal contractors, Joe Davidson, ColumnistThe Washington Post, September 27, 2012 

Are Most Revolving-Door Lobbyists Breaking the Law? , Dana LiebelsonMother Jones, September 7, 2012 

AF could lose big in aircraft, readiness, more, Jeff SchogolAir Force Times, September 4, 2012 

Indefensible: The Truth about Pentagon Spending, By POGO's Suzie DershowitzOther Words, September 3, 2012 

Defense Conclave in The Triangle , Josh ZachNorth Carolina News Network, August 8, 2012 

Ex-Lockheed Lobbyist Now Senate Armed Services Staffer, Elahe IzadiNational Journal, July 27, 2012 

GAO can't solve the 'who's cheaper' debate, Matthew Weigelt Federal Computer Week (, July 25, 2012 

Inspector general: Amount wasted on Iraq reconstruction ‘can never be known’, Jennifer PeeblesThe Washington Examiner, July 18, 2012 

Obama's transparency record: lots of data, not as much sunlight, J.B., July 16, 2012 

Treasury Department reports employee misconduct, Dugald McConnell and Lisa SylvesterCNN, July 16, 2012 

Appointees better at protecting, but no new law, J.B., July 9, 2012 

Pentagon keeps ties to contractor that's under investigation, By Tom Vanden BrookUSA Today, July 4, 2012 

Contractors seek changes in bill to curb human trafficking, By Charles S. ClarkGovernment Execuitve (, July 3, 2012 

FSI goes with ‘devil it knows' in Finra oversight of advisers, Mark Schoeff Jr.Investment News, May 29, 2012 

Bachus’ SRO Bill Blasted by Government Watchdog, Melanie WaddellAdvisor One, May 29, 2012 

DoD's contract audit agency hobbled by backlog, Sarah Chacko Federal Times, May 29, 2012 

Kerrey raps closed committee meetings , By Joseph Morton WORLD-HERALD, May 24, 2012 

Iran face-off drives new naval small ship focus, Peter AppsReuters, May 23, 2012 

John F. Sopko, veteran investigator, nominated to fill Afghanistan special inspector general post, Timothy R. SmithThe Washington Post; Politics Blog, May 23, 2012 

Navy official defends littoral combat ship, Kristina WongThe Washington Times, May 21, 2012 

You Paid for It! Stimulus Dollars Fund Studies into Sexual History and Erectile Dysfunction, Tony Kovaleski, Liza Meak, and Felipe Escamilla | NBC Bay Area, May 13, 2012 

As wars near end, robot firm battling, Bryan BenderThe Boston Globe (, May 12, 2012 

Lawmakers Call for GAO to Review $37 Billion Navy Vessel Program , The Maritime Executive, May 11, 2012 

Military Report finds large gaps in military whistleblower protection, Hugh, May 11, 2012 

Sen. Warner: More F-22 pilots have concerns, Hugh LessigDaily Press, May 11, 2012 

Panel chides Obama for inspector-general vacancies, Timothy R. SmithThe Washington Post, May 10, 2012 

Corroding Littoral Combat Ship Faces Lawmakers’ Questions, Tony CapaccioBloomberg, May 10, 2012 

Acting Pentagon IG answers critics of record on whistleblowers, Charles S. ClarkGovernment Execuitve (, May 10, 2012 

Report finds large gaps in military whistleblower protection, Hugh Lessig Stars and Stripes, May 10, 2012 

House Oversight Cmte. Examines Inspector General Vacancies, Panelists: Phyllis Fong (AG Dept. IG), Brian Miller (GSA IG) and POGO's Jacob Wiens, May 10, 2012 

Absent protections for whistleblowers, The Virginian-Pilot, May 10, 2012 

Silicon Valley Companies Get Millions In Stimulus Funds, Stephen Stock, Liz Wagner and Mark Villarreal |NCB; Bay Area; The Investigative Unit, May 10, 2012 

Admirals Fire Salvo in Public-Relations War Over Littoral Combat Ship, Sandra ErwinNational Defense Magazine, May 9, 2012 

Senate expands whistleblower protections for feds, Jack MooreFederal News Radio, May 9, 2012 

Whistleblower protection bill clears Senate, Charles S. ClarkGovernment Execuitve (, May 9, 2012 

America’s Shame: The US Government's Human Trafficking Dilemma , POGO's Joe Newman, Director of, May 8, 2012 

Senators want more info on report alleging failures protecting DoD whistleblowers, Jeremy HerbDEFCON Hill; The Hill's Defense Blog, May 8, 2012 

Pentagon report says Defense Department whistleblowers have been left vulnerable to reprisals, R. Jeffrey Smith and Aaron MehtaThe Washington Post, May 6, 2012 

The performance of the GSA is Congress' responsibility, Rep. Dany K. Davis (D-Ill.)The Hill, May 1, 2012 

Navy’s Littoral Combat Ship Program May Get New Scrutiny, David LermanBloomberg Business Week, April 30, 2012 

McCain, Levin call for GAO review of littoral combat ship, Jeremy HerbDEFCON Hill; The Hill's Defense Blog, April 30, 2012 

Facing Stern Scrutiny , Jeanette SteeleSan Diego Union-Tribune, April 29, 2012 

House Panel Backs Littoral Ship Funding, Criticizing Navy, Tony CapaccioBloomberg Business Week, April 27, 2012 

Can The SEC Be Trusted To Protect A Whistleblower's Identity?, Erika KeltonForbes, April 27, 2012 

Lawmakers challenge the Pentagon’s reliance on service contractors, Charles S. ClarkGovernment Execuitve (, April 26, 2012 

House slams Navy on 'lack of transparency' on Littoral Combat Ship, Carlo MunozDEFCON Hill; The Hill's Defense Blog, April 26, 2012 

HASC Demands Navy 'Fess Up On LCS Problems, Sydney J. Freedberg Jr.AOL Defense, April 26, 2012 

LCS Vigorously Defended by U.S. Navy, Christopher P. CavasDefense News, April 25, 2012 

On Nukes, Labs And Budgets, John FleckAlbuquerque Journal, April 24, 2012 

Watchdog group: Cancel half of Navy's littoral ship program, Jeanette SteeleSan Diego Union-Tribune , April 24, 2012 

GSA scandal lends urgency to data transparency measure , Charles S. ClarkGovernment Execuitve (, April 23, 2012 

Navy Defends LCS Amid New Reports of Failures, Philip, April 23, 2012 

Talking Government Oversight on C-SPAN with POGO's Danielle Brian , with Steven ScullyWashington Journal, April 22, 2012 

No leeway on contractor campaign gifts, Charles S. ClarkGovernment Execuitve (, April 20, 2012 

Analysis: GSA's scandal pales in comparison to historical misdeeds, Jason MillerFederal News Radio, April 19, 2012 

Transparency or 'fishing'? Demand for agency conference data questioned, Charles S. ClarkGovernment Execuitve (, April 17, 2012 

GSA scandals shows watchdogs needed, Al KamenThe Washington Post; In the Loop, April 13, 2012 

Watchdog group: Four IG offices now leaderless for years, Sean ReillyFederal Times (, April 11, 2012 

Who's watching? 10 agencies lack permanent IG., Camille TuuttiFederal Computer Week (, April 11, 2012 

US adds more on clot risk to some birth control pills, Anna YukhananovReuters, April 10, 2012 

Has the President put the brakes on contractor disclosure?, Sarah ChackoFederal Times (, April 10, 2012 

D.C. library official quits, is rehired as consultant, Jim McElhattonThe Washington Times, April 10, 2012 

GSA scandal highlights IG role, but vacancies persist, Jack MooreFederal News Radio, April 4, 2012 

DoD contractor investigated for Iran links, watchdog group says, Sarah ChackoFederal Times, April 4, 2012 

GSA shakeup highlights spending scrutiny, Michael Hard and Camille TuuttiFederal Computer Week (, April 3, 2012 

Senate hearing looks at contractor costs to government, Michael Keating Govpro, April 3, 2012 

Senator knocks government spending on contractors, Amber CorrinFederal Computer Week (, March 29, 2012 

New Insider Trading Law Winks at Some Violations, Michelle HirschThe Fiscal Times, March 23, 2012 

POGO Trying to Monitor Former CFTC Employees, Andrew JosephNational Journal, March 20, 2012 

GAO: Federal government wastes billions on duplicate services, Danielle, March 20, 2012 

Budget Cuts Hobble Service Agency’s Internal Watchdog, Caroline PrestonThe Chronicle of Philanthropy, March 18, 2012 

Oversight Committee: Administration Earns C- for FOIA management, Ruben GomezFederal News Radio, March 15, 2012 

Air Force to keep one airborne VIP capsule suite -- instead of 10, Bob BrewinNext Gov, March 15, 2012 

DARPA Director Leaving For Google, Elizabeth MontalbanoInformation Week, March 13, 2012 

Obama administration two-sided on openness, expert says, Michael O'ConnellFederal News Radio, March 13, 2012 

Sunshine Week Drum-roll: The 2011 award for worst transparency goes to the DOJ, Darlene StormComputerworld, March 12, 2012 

How to open up the Obama administration , Dana LiebelsonThe Week, March 12, 2012 

Transparency measures slow to move in Congress, Nicole Gaudiano, Gannett USA Today, March 10, 2012 

Apparent disconnect on contractor lawsuit is business as usual, Alice LipowiczFederal Computer Week (, March 7, 2012 

The whistleblowers Washington ignores, Eyal PressSalon, March 6, 2012 

Automatic suspension in contracting bill draws ire of industry , Jack MooreFederal News Radio, March 5, 2012 

Senators go after waste in wartime contracting, Andrew LapinGovernment Executive (, March 1, 2012 

More ‘junkyard dogs’ needed to fight government waste, fraud, Examiner EditorialThe Washington Examiner, February 28, 2012 

Retired pay for O-10s spiked with rule changes, Tom Vanden Brook - USA TodayArmy Times, February 27, 2012 

BP Wins Most Pentagon Buys in Year After Spill, Danielle IvoryBloomberg, February 24, 2012 

Leaked GAO report reveals whistleblower program flaws, Michael O'ConnellFederal News Radio, February 23, 2012 

Pentagon delays endanger whistle-blowers, report says, Tom Vanden BrookUSA Today, February 22, 2012 

PENA: Overspending due to mission creep, Charles V. PenaThe Washington Times, February 20, 2012 

Transparency on government spending: The missing links, Alice LipowiczFederal Computer Week (, February 15, 2012 

Starving the Real Beast, Darwin Bond-GrahamCounterPunch, February 14, 2012 

Oversight lacking in base contract worth $82.5M, Josh SweigartDayton Daily News, February 11, 2012 

Just How Safe is Yaz? Women Need to Know!, Holly Grigg-Spall Ms. Magazine (blog), February 9, 2012 

Where are all the watchdogs?, Ed O'KeefeFederal Eye; Keeping Tabs on the Government; The Washington Post, February 8, 2012 

POGO site monitoring inspector general vacancies, Andrew Joseph with The National JournalGovernment Executive (, February 8, 2012 

Where have all the federal watchdogs gone?, Alice LipowiczFederal Computer Week (, February 8, 2012 

POGO tracks federal watchdog vacancies, Sarah ChackoFedline the Beltway & Beyond; Federal, February 8, 2012 

Pantex manager earns promotion as consolidation talks continue, Bobby CervantesAmarillo Globe-News (, January 27, 2012 

Watchdog group says security at nuclear site has ‘egregious’ gaps, Mark RockwellGSN: Government Security News, January 26, 2012 

New Lejeune water report raises watchdog hackles, Hope, January 21, 2012 

Los Alamos Bracing For Big Cut To CMRR-NF In FY2013 Budget Request, Todd JacobsonLos Alamos Study Group & Monitor, January 20, 2012 

Deepwater acquisition sinks, but not without lessons, Alice LipowiczFederal Computer Week, January 15, 2012 

Group seeks re-vote on birth control clot risk, Anna YukhananovReuters, January 12, 2012 

Whistleblower bill draws lobbying, Andrew Joseph with The National JournalGovernment Executive (, January 10, 2012 

The Yaz Men: Members of FDA panel reviewing the risks of popular Bayer contraceptive had industry ties, Jeanne Lenzer and Keith EpsteinTen Miles Square; The Washington Monthly (blog), January 9, 2012 

Former gov’t watchdogs land in private sector, Sarah ChackoFederal Times, January 6, 2012 

Letter to the Editor: The outsourcing debate, Scott Amey, POGOFederal Times, March 5, 2011 

Tiny pill, big issues; Birth control at the center of latest national firestorm , Georgia GarveyChicago Tribune, February 10, 2010 




The Record: Letters, Dec. 20, 2011, Paula, December 20, 2011 

Siemens Pivots To Thrive In US After Bribery Settlement, Samuel RubenfeldThe Wall Street Journal, December 15, 2011 

Lawmakers likely to expand cap on contractor pay, Sarah ChackoFederal Times, December 14, 2011 

Pentagon moves against conversion of in-house work to contractors, Charles S. ClarkGovernment Executive (, December 7, 2011 

Nuclear Money Pit; America’s atomic arsenal is stuck in the Cold War era., Kelley Beaucar VlahosThe American Conservative, November 29, 2011 

Air Force mentor's ties illustrate conflict of interest, Tom Vanden Brook and Ray LockerUSA Today, November 29, 2011 

Obama Fights Senate Attempt to Limit Contractors Doing Government Work, Noel, November 29, 2011 

Local firms lose out on $82M contract, Josh SweigartDayton Daily News, November 28, 2011 

Supreme Group Probed Over No-Bid Contracts to Feed Troops in Afghanistan, Aram RostonThe Daily Beast, November 27, 2011 

A Hidden Toll as States Shift to Contract Workers, By Motoko RichThe New York Times , November 7, 2011 

Pentagon use of retired generals as 'mentors' plummets, Tom Vanden BrookUSA Today, November 7, 2011 

Are Government Contractors Exploiting Workers Overseas?, David IsenbergThe Huffington Post, November 7, 2011 

Justice rethinks planned changes to FOIA policy, Charles S. ClarkGovernment Executive (, November 7, 2011 

Building a Nuclear Power Plant on a Fault Still Not a Great Idea, Kate SheppardMother Jones, November 3, 2011 

Agencies blasted for ignoring contractor role in human trafficking, Charles S. ClarkGovernment Executive (, November 3, 2011 

Really Want to Influence Politicians? Stop Donating to Campaigns, Bruce WatsonDaily Finance, November 3, 2011 

Whistleblower protection bill clears House oversight panel, Charles S. ClarkGovernment Executive (, November 3, 2011 

House committee approves bill to cut 10% of workforce by 2015, Stephen LoseyFederal Times, November 3, 2011 

House panel hearing explores U.S. government contractors’ exploitation of workers overseas, Joe DavidsonThe Washington Post; The Federal Diary, November 2, 2011 

A-G's office went to Texas to kick tires on troubled F-35 fighter program, Lee BerthiaumeThe Vancouver Sun, November 1, 2011 

Windfalls of War: Taxpayers Get Hammered by Pentagon’s Attempts to “One-stop Shop”, Sharon Weinberger writes for iWatch News, a project of the Center for Public IntegrityThe Cutting Edge, October 28, 2011 

Repeal of contractor tax withholding is sign of economic times, With POGO's Scott, October 28, 2011 

Five places where the rich got richer, Daniel Denvir and John Paul DeWittSalon, October 27, 2011 

Repeal of 3 percent contractor tax withholding gathers steam, Charles S. ClarkGovernment Executive (, October 24, 2011 

Lawmakers push Defense fraud, waste report to influence supercommittee cuts, John T. BennettThe Hill, October 23, 2011 

Contractors challenge prohibition against campaign contributions, Sarah ChackoFederal Times, October 20, 2011 

Letter to the Editor: Cost comparisons, Paul Chassy, Investigator, Project On Government OversightFederal Times, October 17, 2011 

One nation, underemployed, Sally KohnReuters, October 7, 2011 

Opinion: FINRA Is an Ineffective Regulator, Andrew J. HaigneyRegistered Rep, October 6, 2011 

Army Corps bribery arrests praised by lawmakers, Charles S. ClarkGovernment Executive (, October 5, 2011 

Taxpayers Have Been Getting Robbed On Fuel Deliveries To U.S. Troops, Robert Johnson Business Insider, September 26, 2011 

Defining intelligence contractors’ jobs, and pay, is a fuzzy job, Joe DavidsonThe Washington Post; The Federal Diary, September 20, 2011 

Contract labor: Pay, benefits often double that of feds, Sarah ChackoFederal Times, September 19, 2011 

Companies that cheat government are rarely disbarred, Meredith CohnThe Baltimore Sun, September 17, 2011 

The Navy Is Poised To Have More Admirals Than Ships, Robert JohnsonBusiness Insider, September 16, 2011 

Washcall: Brass creep - Fewer going postal - No free lunch, Lisa HoffmanThe Republic; Scripps Howard News Service, September 16, 2011 

Watchdogs wants more lobbying info from supercommittee members, Dave LevinthalPOLITICO, September 15, 2011 

Study: Privatizing government doesn’t actually save money, Brad PlumerThe Washington Post; Ezra Klein's Wonkblog, September 15, 2011 

Leaders Outline Projected Senior Officer Cuts, Karen ParrishU.S. Department of Defense; American Forces Press Service, September 15, 2011 

Government Pays More in Contracts, Study Finds, Ron NixonThe New York Times, September 12, 2011 

OMB announces final guidance on inherently governmental functions, Charles S. ClarkGovernment Executive, September 9, 2011 

Homeland security: 'Did we spend the money wisely — or did we just spend money?', Mike SherrySt. Louis Beacon, September 9, 2011 

Homeland security: accounting and accountability, Zoe Sullivan and MIchael Harris Jr.American Observer, September 6, 2011 

In the Dark? Probing the SEC's Probes, With Marc Fisher sitting in for KojoThe Kojo Nnamdi Show; WAMU , August 30, 2011 

Senator pushes transparency in federal health research, Sarah ChackoFederal Times, August 5, 2011 

Lawmakers question CERP funds in Afghanistan, Michelle Stein - Medill News ServiceArmy Times, August 4, 2011 

Shoot the Moon: Missile Defense Costs as Much as Apollo Program, Adam RawnsleyWired; Danger Room, August 4, 2011 

Former Office of Special Counsel chief can withdraw guilty plea, Charles S. ClarkGovernment Executive, August 4, 2011 

Madoff probe figure gets cash reward, Jim McElhattonThe Washington Times, August 3, 2011 

The winners and losers in the debt ceiling deal, Amy, August 3, 2011 

Watchdog group hits FDA on drug experts, Dave LevinthalPOLITICO, August 2, 2011 

IG: Iraq logistics contractor marked up prices as much as 12,000 percent, Charles S. ClarkGovernment, August 2, 2011 

Defense takes big cuts in debt deal, Amber Corrin, Alice Lipowicz, Matthew WeigeltFederal Computer Week, August 2, 2011 

Senate Passes Faster Foia Bill Again Amid Growing Criticism, Channing TurnerMain Justice; Politics, Policy & the Law, August 2, 2011 

Revolving Door at S.E.C. Is Hurdle to Crisis Cleanup, Andrew Ross SorkinThe New York Times, August 1, 2011 

Group Critical of Delay in NIH Disclosure Rule, Emily P. WalkerMedPage Today, July 30, 2011 

Crowd sourcing can supplement whistleblowing, experts say, Joseph, July 29, 2011 

Medicare Decides It Takes a Thief to Catch a Thief, Reuben GuttmanAccounting Today, July 29, 2011 

Grassley Questions Education Agency’s Ties to Hedge Funds, Ben ProtessThe New York Times; DealBook, July 28, 2011 

Anti-Freeze in Pilots' Blood Baffles Air Force, Adam Clark EstesThe Atlantic, July 27, 2011 

Recusal policy reveals oil industry-gov't ties, Dina Cappiello, Associated PressCNBC, July 26, 2011 

Sources: Toxins in cockpit grounded F-22s, Dave MajumdarAir Force Times, July 25, 2011 

Small Banks Pay Back Treasury Loans with Money from New Treasury Loans, Daniel, July 23, 2011 

Vice Chief Nominee Hints At Program Cuts Ahead, Jen DiMascioAviation Week, July 23, 2011 

Balloon Goes Up In Budget Battle, Mark ThompsonTime, July 22, 2011 

Watchdog groups call for cuts to Defense health benefits, contract spending, Emily LongGovernment Executive (, July 21, 2011 

William Welch: Obama Administration’s Point Man to Stop Leaks, Shane HarrisWashingtonian, July 20, 2011 

Heart Warning Added to Label on Popular Antipsychotic Drug, Duff WilsonThe New York Times, July 18, 2011 

How Foreign Money Can Find Its Way Into Political Campaigns, Dan Froomkin The Huffington Post, July 18, 2011 

Families sue after soldiers' deaths, Richard Lardner, Associated PressThe Miami Herald, July 15, 2011 

Bell Helicopter's sale of program is U.S. taxpayers' loss, Bob CoxFort Worth Star Telegram, July 15, 2011 

CityTime scandal firm wins feds' big bucks, Josh MargolinNew York Post, July 15, 2011 

Leaked email shows Defense audit agency sought subpoena power, contractor pay caps, Charles S. ClarkGovernment Executive (, July 14, 2011 

Alleged research misconduct at University of Pennsylvania, Jared YeeBioEdge, July 14, 2011 

Taxpayers on the hook to pay for Boeing tanker overruns, George Talbot Alabama Live (, July 13, 2011 

Paxil study under fire, Meredith WadmanNature News, July 13, 2011 

U. of Pennsylvania Professor Accuses Colleagues of Slanted Research, Paul BaskenThe Chronicle of Higher Education, July 12, 2011 

Penn psychiatrist alleges misconduct by colleagues, Stacey BurlingThe Philadelphia Inquirer, July 12, 2011 

New COI Rules at Risk?, Jef AkstThe Scientist, July 12, 2011 

SEC Lawyer Leaves To Help Whistleblowers, Samuel RubenfeldThe Wall Street Journal, July 12, 2011 

Contractor accused of negligence in soldier deaths, Richard Lardner, Associated PressBusiness Week, July 12, 2011 

Obama Should Remove Top Advisor on Bioethics,, July 12, 2011 

Locked and Loaded: Pentagon Contractor Helped Write Its Own Armored-Truck Deal, Spencer AckermanWIRED; Danger Room, July 11, 2011 

Boeing found to have overcharged Army for helicopter parts, Charles S. ClarkGovernment, June 28, 2011 

Audit: Boeing overcharged U.S. Army $13M for helicopter parts, Martha, June 28, 2011 

Fire continues to threaten nuclear lab, With Lisa, June 28, 2011 

Investors May Lose as Congress Saves Money on Adviser Oversight, Alexis Leondis and Zeke FauxBloomberg, June 28, 2011 

Drilling Down: Behind Veneer, Doubt upon Future of Natural Gas, Robbie BrownRecent Business News, June 27, 2011 

Carter Blasts F136 Provisions In House Bill, Jen DiMascioAviation Week, June 24, 2011 

Rivals In Kazakh Power Struggle Take Their Feud To Washington, Muhammad TahirRadio Free Europe, June 23, 2011 

Classified Pentagon report upholds Thomas Drake’s complaints about NSA, R. Jeffrey SmithThe Washington Post, June 22, 2011 

Wall Street watchdog flunks review, Shirley Gao; Center for Public IntegrityTucscon, June 19, 2011 

Higher oil royalty charges expected from Obama, Evan Bush; Center for Public IntegrityTucscon, June 18, 2011 

SEC and FINRA “Accountability Is Impossible Without Transparency”, Larry DoyleSense on Cents, June 17, 2011 

Small-Town Mayor Claims Funding For Firehouse Held Up By Opposition To Mining , Marcus BaramThe Huffington Post, June 15, 2011 

Education Department Officials Accused Of Leaking Info To Short-Sellers , Marcus BaramThe Huffington Post, June 13, 2011 

Watching the watchdog: Cummings grows into oversight role, John FritzeThe Baltimore Sun, June 11, 2011 

How to help DOD with couples therapy, Matthew WeigeltFederal Computer Week, June 9, 2011 

Kazakhstan: Lots of Muck to Go Around, Joshua, June 8, 2011 

Grassley gives failing marks to Pentagon inspector general, Charles S. ClarkGovernment, June 7, 2011 

Group Seeks Inquiry into Claim of Kazakh Donations, Eric LiptonThe New York Times; The Caucus (The Politics and Government Blog of the NYT), June 7, 2011 

Blame Grover Norquist for Dismantling Financial Services Reform, Democracy, Jane WhiteThe Huffington Post, June 7, 2011 

Revolving door ensures that some people have a job, Timothy Lange aka Meteor BladesDaily Kos, June 3, 2011 

David Obey heading to K Street, Chris FratesPOLITICO, June 3, 2011 

Hill analysis: Agencies' FOIA responses seem to have no guide, Cristina MarcosThe Hill, June 3, 2011 

7 Ex-Politicians Who Are Now On Wall Street, Samuel Ro, The Fiscal TimesBusiness Insider, June 2, 2011 

HIPA Hawaii Military Spending Study Tied to Fundraiser with Military Contractor?, Op-Ed By POGO's Mandy SmithbergerHawai'i Free Press, June 2, 2011 

Incest: The SEC and Wall Street, Don BauderSan Diego Reader, June 1, 2011 

Judd Gregg, Goldman’s New International Man Of Mystery, Chris FratesPOLITICO, May 31, 2011 

Efforts to bring jobs in-house may be losing momentum, Charles S. ClarkGovernment Executive, May 31, 2011 

Delinquent government contractors, Nancy Marshall GenzerAmerican Public Media; Marketplace, May 24, 2011 

The Secret Sharer Is Thomas Drake an enemy of the state?, By Jane MayerThe New Yorker, May 23, 2011 

Get to the bottom of SEC mess, Opinion PieceDaily World, May 22, 2011 

Rules for Employees, Including Its Own, Put S.E.C. on Hot Seat, Peter J. HenningNew York Times; Dealbook, May 17, 2011 

Earl Industries' $75M Navy contract: What went wrong?, Robert McCabeThe Virginian-Pilot, May 16, 2011 

GE’s ‘green’ engine offers new chance with military, Theo EmeryThe Boston Globe, May 16, 2011 

A no-bid contract worth $123 million cloaked in secrecy, Clark KauffmanDes Moines Register, May 14, 2011 

Banks Push Consumer Bureau to Keep U.S. Complaint Line Private, Carter DoughertyBloomberg, May 13, 2011 

Former S.E.C. Official Said to Be Subject of Criminal Inquiry, Edward WyattThe New York Times, May 13, 2011 

SEC's revolving door to Wall Street gets fresh scrutiny, Tim ReidReuters, May 13, 2011 

UPDATE 1-FBI probing ex-SEC official on Stanford matter, Sarah N. LynchReuters, May 13, 2011 

Citing Revolving Door, Watchdog Report Questions SEC's Independence , Brian BaxterThe AM LAW Daily, May 13, 2011 

Ex-SEC employees enjoy 'revolving door,' study says, Charles S. ClarkGovernment Executive, May 13, 2011 

Critics slam SEC's ‘revolving door', Mark Schoeff Jr.Investment News, May 13, 2011 

Congress takes action on Pentagon mentors, Tom Vanden BrookUSA Today, May 13, 2011 

New Study Casts Light On SEC 'Revolving Door' Claims, Jessica Holzer, Dow Jones NewswiresNASDAQ, May 13, 2011 

Gov't Paying Firm Lodged With Job Discrimination Suit, WBALTV; 11 Investigates I-Team, May 12, 2011 

House members clash over contractor disclosure order, Alice LipowiczWashington Technology, May 12, 2011 

When did sunlight become the infectant?, Rep. Elijah E. Cummings (D-Md.)The Hill, May 12, 2011 

Nuclear Agency Is Criticized as Too Close to Its Industry, Tom Zeller Jr.The New York Times, May 7, 2011 

Sunshine advocates criticize government contractor database, By Joseph MarksNextGov, May 3, 2011 

The F Word: Is BP Too Big To Fail?, By Laura FlandersThe Nation, May 3, 2011 

Federal Contractors May Be Told to Disclose Donations, By Emily, April 27, 2011 

BP Still Being Awarded Lucrative Government Contracts, By Jason LeopoldTruthout; The Public Record, April 21, 2011 

IG’s oversight and clout shrink under Obama, By Neil MunroThe Daily Caller, April 20, 2011 

Congressman Heck collects $224,000 in first quarter, Steve TetreaultLas Vegas Review-Journal; Stephens Washington Bureau, April 18, 2011 

Contractor database goes public - with limits, By Sarah ChackoFederal Times, April 15, 2011 

Big Break For Big Oil, Larger Burden For Taxpayers, By Aaron MehtaThe Huffington Post; iWatch News, April 15, 2011 

Budget could close the door on open government, By Ed O'KeefeThe Washington Post; Federal Eye: Keeping Tabs On The Government, April 14, 2011 

U.S. says "not happy" with F-35 engine cost overruns, By Jim WolfReuters, April 13, 2011 

Did Navy's Brain Injury Subjects Receive Substandard Care?, By Sharon WeinbergerAOL News, April 4, 2011 

Federal defense agency granted contracts to company with ties to director, By Ken DilanianLos Angeles Times, April 3, 2011 

The Pentagon retreats on insourcing as spending slows, By Marjorie CenserThe Washington Post, April 3, 2011 

Report criticizes defense agency’s auditing, By Robert O'Harrow JrThe Washington Post, March 20, 2011 

Administration falling short on FOIA compliance, critics say, By Robert BrodskyGovernment Executive, March 17, 2011 

Obama receiving transparency award (at a later date) despite criticism, By Ed O'KeefeThe Washington Post; Keeping Tabs on the Government, March 16, 2011 

Procurement oversight: A case of friendly fire?, By John KlossnerFederal Computer Week, March 15, 2011 

O'Keefe vs. NPR: Round One Goes to the Kid, By Brian PalmerThe Huffington Post, March 14, 2011 

Cozy relationship between Casper BLM manager, contractor deserves more scrutiny, By Dustin BleizefferWyoFile, March 10, 2011 

What’s Really Going On At The SEC?, By Larry DoyleBusiness Insider, March 10, 2011 

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Pentagon Issues Ethics Memo Before Gutting Conflict-of-Interest Rules, By Spencer AckermanWired; Danger Room, January 4, 2011 

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Defense official example of revolving door between governing, lobbying, By Drew Griffin, CNN Special Investigations CorrespondentCNN, February 23, 2010 

Tiny pill, big issues; Birth control at the center of latest national firestorm , Georgia GarveyChicago Tribune, February 10, 2010 

Obama nuke commission choice tells Senate he’s independent, By Ben GemanThe Hill, February 9, 2010 

Taiwan’s $1 billion missile buy from Raytheon under review by watchdog group, By Michael RichardsonThe Examiner, February 9, 2010 

Watchdog wants all Pentagon official's contacts with Raytheon, By Bryan BenderThe Boston Globe;, February 8, 2010 

UPDATE: Auditor Warns Agency Budget Cut US Security Threat, By Ian Talley, Dow Jones NewswiresFox News, Fox Business, February 5, 2010 

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Whistleblower Web Site Goes Dark, Seeks Funding, By Joshua Rhett, January 6, 2010 

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Chu Warned On Plutonium Stored At Los Alamos, By George LobsenzDefense Daily, May 6, 2009 

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Lawmakers looking to prevent stimulus waste, By Drew FitzgeraldBangor Daily News, March 5, 2009 

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Report: Billions in defense spending unchecked, By Anne Flaherty Associated Press, May 27, 2008 

United Whistleblowers Demand Resignation of Office of Special Counsel, by James MurtaghOpEd News, May 24, 2008 

Reports: Army investigates Calif. supplier of aircraft parts, The Associated Press, May 22, 2008 

Major Aircraft Manufacturer Accused Of Fraud, CBS News, May 22, 2008 

U.S. probe accuses aircraft parts supplier of fraud, By JoAnne AllenReuters, May 22, 2008 

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Creation of Detroit office is focus of OSC inquiry, By Gregg CarlstromFederal Times, May 19, 2008 

Corruption in Iraq reconstruction, By Murray LightBuffalo News, May 18, 2008 

Nuclear lab fails terrorist exercise, By Bill GertzWashington Times, May 15, 2008 

Defense executive running for Third District GOP nomination faces scrutiny, By Cynthia BurtonPhiladelphia Inquirer, May 13, 2008 

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Air Force Completes CSAR-X Competitor Interim Reviews, By Jason SimpsonInside the Air Force, May 9, 2008 

Listen to: Strengthening the Unique Role of I.G.'s , With hosts are Lisa Bernstein, Jannika Cannon and guest POGO's Beverley LumpkinFed Talk Radio, May 9, 2008 

GOP's Davis Urges Bloch to Quit Special Counsel's Office, By Christopher Lee and Carrie Johnson, staff writer Stephen Barr also contributed to this reportWashington Post, May 8, 2008 

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Agents raid OSC chief's office, home, By Jerry SeperWashington Times, May 7, 2008 

FBI raid on watchdog seeks records on Rice investigation, McClatchy-Tribune,, May 7, 2008 

FBI search, leaked documents lead to renewed calls for ousting of Scott Bloch, By Elizabeth Newell and Dan FriedmanGovernment Executive, May 7, 2008 

Case implicates free speech, Op-Ed by POGO's Nick SchwellenbachSPI, May 7, 2008 

Special Counsel shut down probe of Siegelman case last year, By Ben EvansAssociated Press; The Anniston Star, May 7, 2008 

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Review shows NASA employees bought seemingly personal items, The Associated Press, May 4, 2008 

BAE technology may have been 'compromised', says Pentagon, By Danny FortsonThe Independent, May 3, 2008 

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Former D.C. Workers Say Law Doesn't Prevent Retaliation, By Yolanda WoodleeWashington Post, April 28, 2008 

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OMB Gets Tough on Misuse of Government Credit Cards, By Stephen BarrWashington Post, April 10, 2008 

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U.S. used suspended security firm, By Jim McElhattonWashington Times, March 31, 2008 

Tanker Deal Lobbying Intensifies, By Josh RoginCQ, March 31, 2008 

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Tough to handle, By Alice LipowiczWashington Technology, March 24, 2008 

Into uncharted waters, By Alice LipowiczWashington Technology, March 24, 2008 

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Air Force keeps tanker freeze, By Sean ReilyPress-Register, March 18, 2008 

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DOI officials dispute calls to change royalties program, By Nick SnowPenn Energy Oil & Gas Research, March 12, 2008 

Ethics Vote, The Hill , March 11, 2008 

McCain defends his tanker deal inquiries, By Jim KuhnhennAssociated Press, March 11, 2008 

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Substandard Parts on Jetliners Due to Insufficient Oversight, Air Safety Week, March 10, 2008 

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Swiss bank drops suit against Wikileaks site, By Bob EgelkoSan Francisco Chronicle, March 6, 2008 

Former FBI Translator Makes Shocking Allegations, By StaffHuntington News, March 6, 2008 

FAA oversight of airplane parts criticized, By Rebecca CarrAustin American-Statesman, March 5, 2008 

Inspectors General Need More Independence, OMB Watch, March 4, 2008 

Caution: Tax Increase Ahead, Regardless Of Political Rhetoric, By Stan CollenderRoll Call, March 4, 2008 

Previous Post on Whistleblower Protection Warrants Clarification, by Rep. John Dingell (D-MI)The Hill's Congress Blog, March 3, 2008 

Report: IGs face budget, staffing problems, By Gregg CarlstromFederal Times, March 3, 2008 

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Judges Injunction Dissolved, Domain Returned, By DrewWilsonZero Paid, March 1, 2008 

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Bank defends gag on whistle-blower website, Sydney Morning Herald, February 29, 2008 

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UPDATE 1-Swiss bank Baer defends Web site shutdown, By Thomas AtkinsReuters News, February 28, 2008 

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Senators seek probe on wartime equipment, by David MorganReuters, February 28, 2008 

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Contractors, administration officials voice concerns about contracting bills, By Elizabeth NewellGovernment Executive, February 27, 2008 

DHS allows industry liaison to keep his business ties, By Ben BainFederal Computer Week, February 26, 2008 

House panel weighs contracting reform legislation, By Elizabeth NewellGovernment Executive, February 26, 2008 

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US Air Force tanker award will cap long saga, By Andrea Shalal-EsaReuters, February 25, 2008 

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Pentagon to audit troubled helicopter program, By Andrea, February 22, 2008 

Julius Baer's court order springs a leak, By Elana, February 20, 2008 

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POGO loses suit over payment to whistleblower, by Gregg Leslie Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press Blog, February 12, 2008 

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US Army left program's oversight to Raytheon-group, by Andrea Shalal-EsaReuters, February 12, 2008 

Group, POGO Weigh in on Proposal To Mandate Contractor Disclosure of Crimes, By Deborah BillingsBNA (Bureau of National Affairs) Federal Contract Report, February 12, 2008 

Watchdogs Undermined by Political Appointees: Congress to Reasses Office Created to Rein in Executive Branch, By Matthew Blake The Washington Independent, February 11, 2008 

Interior Seeks Repeal of Offshore Royalty Relief in FY '09 Budget, Natural Gas Intelligence, February 11, 2008 

Recovery bill keeps oversight a priority Capitol Hill heeds lessons of bailout, By Alex DanielsArkansas Democrat-Gazette, February 8, 2008 

Air Force contract appeal rejected, By George TalbotPress Register, February 5, 2008 

IG to investigate traffic data program, contract, By Mary MosqueraFederal Computer Week, February 4, 2008 

UPDATE 3-US Air Force to review Boeing bid, comply with GAO, By Andrea Shalal-EsaReuters News, February 4, 2008 

Mukasey Had Been Overseer Finalist; Attorney General Withdrew His Name After Nomination , By Carrie JohnsonThe Washington Post, January 30, 2008 

A Sibel Edmonds Timeline: "We Can't Afford to Let Them Spill the Beans", By Gary LeuppCounterPunch, January 29, 2008 

Steward to head royalty-in-kind program at MMS; ran agency records projects, By Jean ChemnickInside Energy, January 21, 2008 

Quality of Nuclear Devices Questioned, By H. Josef Hebert Associated Press, January 20, 2008 

Report faults NIH on conflicts, By Bob GrantThe Scientist Blog, January 18, 2008 

A Mission to Rebuild Reputations: Upcoming Deals to Test Reforms at Air Force, Boeing, By Dana HedgpethWashington Post, January 17, 2008 

Wicker's Earmark Elicits Criticism: Watchdogs Decry $6 Million for Contractor, By Matthew MoskWashington Post, January 16, 2008 

Ex-Officials Benefit From Corporate Cleanup, By Carrie JohnsonWashington Post, January 15, 2008 

Bill urges independence for agency watchdogs, By Matt KelleyUSA TODAY, January 11, 2008 

Executive Resigns in Storm Over Sleeping Guards, By Steven MufsonThe Washington Post, January 10, 2008 

Latest shipment of weapons grade plutonium arrives safely at SRS, by Josh, January 8, 2008 

Late addition of funds boosts Special Counsel probe of White House briefings, By Dan FriedmanCongress Daily, January 7, 2008 

Cape Canaveral-based contractor could land another Army contract in Iraq, By Richard, January 4, 2008 

Ammonium nitrate regulated - sort of., by Ralph VartabedianLos Angeles Times, December 31, 2007 



Ammonium nitrate regulated - sort of., by Ralph VartabedianLos Angeles Times, December 31, 2007 

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Payton Mandates More Openness with Industry as KC-X Award Nears, Inside the Air Force, December 21, 2007 

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Homeland Insecurity, By Rachael, December 17, 2007 

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Head of Rove Inquiry in Hot Seat Himself, By John R. WilkeThe Wall Street Journal, November 28, 2007 

Procurement chief chides IGs , By Matthew , November 26, 2007 

'Watered Down' CSAR-X Parameter Undermines Warfighter's Needs, By Jason Simpson and John ReedInside the Air Force, November 16, 2007 

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NRC Strengthening Whistle Blower Protections, Power Market Today (by Intelligence Press) , November 15, 2007 

POGO Says IG Should Probe CSAR-X Requirement Change, Michael FabeyAerospace Daily & Defense Report , November 15, 2007 

Members of Congress also wait on FOIA requests, by Daniel FriedmanCongress Daily, November 13, 2007 

Follow-up inspection, IG investigation of Peach Bottom security under way, by Steven Dolley and Daniel HornerInside NRC (by Platts), November 12, 2007 

Jaczko calls for changes in process for responding to allegations, By Daniel HornerInside NRC (by Platts), November 12, 2007 

Army claims sexual trysts tied to Iraq contracts, by Guillermo ContrerasSan Antonio Express-News, November 11, 2007 

CPSC's Ethics-Review Process For Travel Criticized by Experts, by Elizabeth WilliamsonWashington Post, November 6, 2007 

Watchdogs push for limits on contractor earmarks, by Elise CastelliFederal Times, November 6, 2007 

Watchdogs push for limits on contractor earmarks , By ELISE CASTELLI, November 6, 2007 

No-Bid Earmarks?, POGOThe Hill Congress Blog, November 6, 2007 

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Nuclear facilities miss security deadline, UPI News, October 29, 2007 

The Top Corrupt 50, Posted by, October 17, 2007 

That Whistle's Been Blowing for Two Years, By Stephen BarrThe Washington Post, October 12, 2007 

CIA’s Inspector General Should Remain Independent , The Hill's Congress Blog, October 12, 2007 

Sleeping guards at Peach Bottom prompt investigation by nuclear regulators, by Michael, October 5, 2007 

Congress Opens a New Front in Oversight, By Kathleen Hunter, October 3, 2007 

McCaskill measure on wartime contracting wins Senate vote, by Sam Hananel (Associated Press)The Examiner, September 28, 2007 

How ferry project, pushed by Sen. Stevens, floated, by Matt KelleyUSA Today, September 27, 2007 

Tracking the misconduct of federal contractors, by POGO's Neil, September 26, 2007 

Wackenhut nuclear security reported asleep at the switch, by Jo-Ann MortOnline Journal, September 26, 2007 

Nuclear Utilities Redefine One Word to Bulldoze for New Plants, by Elliot Blair,, September 25, 2007 

Pentagon resuming command from private contractors, by Tim Logan St. Louis Post-Dispatch, September 23, 2007 

Wackenhut Nuclear Security Reported Asleep At Peach Bottom Switch, The Post Chronicle, September 21, 2007 

Lockheed's Wacky Lawsuit, by David AxeWired Magazine’s “Danger Room” blog, September 12, 2007 

Departing FAA Chief Comes Under Fire, by Alan LevinUSA Today, September 11, 2007 

Bush Administration Ramps up Secrecy, by William FisherAtlantic Free, September 10, 2007 

Weaknesses Found at LANL; Report Points To Security Problems, by Raam WongAlbuquerque Journal, September 7, 2007 

Those who blow whistle on contractor fraud in Iraq face penalties, by Deborah HastingsAssociated Press, August 23, 2007 

FAA' s Blakey to head Aerospace Industries Association, By Daniel, August 22, 2007 

FAA's Blakey to head Aerospace Industries Association, by Daniel, August 22, 2007 

Northrop zeros in on tanker contract: Test of key component called flawless, By Richard, August 21, 2007 

CSAR-X Decision And Wynne Email, by Bettina H. Chavanne and Michael FabeyAerospace Daily & Defense Report, August 20, 2007 

Another Classified Data Incident At Los Alamos–POGO, by George LobsenzThe Energy Daily, August 7, 2007 

We' ve got our eyes on you: Watchdog group launches database of alleged misdeeds, by Michael HardyWashington Technology, August 6, 2007 

Keeping tabs on contractors, Star-Telegram, July 19, 2007 

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Is the Federal Contracting System Out of Whack?, by Daniel SchulmanMother Jones (MojoBlog), July 18, 2007 

Inconsistencies hinder sharing of contractor performance data, by Elizabeth, July 18, 2007 

Members Push Bills to Boost Hill Oversight of Federal Igs, by Rob Silverblatt Roll Call, July 18, 2007 

Pentagon report dings N. M. Guard's Gen. Montoya, Larry Barker ReportsKRQE, July 16, 2007 

Tool of war trumped, by David DeCampSt. Petersburg Times, July 15, 2007 

LANL faces huge fine in security breach, by Andy LendermanSanta Fe New Mexican, July 13, 2007 

Procurement Debate Goes Feline, by Robert O’HarrowGovernment Inc. (a Washington Post blog), July 13, 2007 

Justice IG calls for jurisdiction over attorneys, by Anika, July 11, 2007 

Big Dig collapse aftershocks still felt -- Safety agency will issue findings today, By Lisa Wangsness and Andrea EstesThe Boston Globe, July 10, 2007 

Pentagon whistleblower still paying the price for telling the truth, by Lyndsey LaytonCharleston Daily Mail, (from Washington Post ), July 8, 2007 

Whistle-Blower's Fight For Pension Drags On, by Lyndsey LaytonThe Washington Post, July 7, 2007 

Interior Department unveils new ethics plan, by Anika, July 6, 2007 

Hawks and Hogs: Why no one dares attack the waste in defense spending, by David WeigelReasonOnline, July 1, 2007 

Hawks and Hogs: Why no one dares attack the waste in defense spending, By David WeigelReason Magazine, July 1, 2007 

A Call for Competition: As No-Bid Deals Soar, House Panel Wants More Oversight, by Dana HedgpethThe Washington Post, June 28, 2007 

Rescue Helicopter has 'Brownout' Problems, United Press International, June 21, 2007 

What's Next, LANL Plans on MySpace?, EditorialAlbuquerque Journal, June 16, 2007 

Anger Over Nuclear Secrets Leak, by Adam ZagorinTime Magazine, June 14, 2007 

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OMB: Let's hear it on earmarks, with Hillary WicaiMarketplace, June 1, 2007 

Air Force draws fire from Sikorsky, by Richard BurnettOrlando Sentinel, May 31, 2007 

Labor Strike at Nuclear Plant Leads to Worries, With Larry SchoolerAll Things Considered, NPR, May 30, 2007 

U.S. Army's 'Future Combat Systems' Program Remains Under Fire, By Richard MullenWorld Politics Review, May 30, 2007 

The Wiretapping Tango , By Bruce ShapiroThe Nation, May 24, 2007 

Strike at nuclear site stirs terrorism fears, By Ralph VartabedianLos Angeles Times, May 24, 2007 

Watchdog agency to audit 4 reconstruction firms, By Matt Kelley USA Today, May 22, 2007 

Groups push Senate for more open government, By Matthew Weigelt (Federal Computer Week), May 17, 2007 

Special Counsel's Ties to White House Mar Probe, By William, May 14, 2007 

Watchdog Group: Burton Exit First Step Toward Systemic Reform of MMS, National Gas Intelligence, May 14, 2007 

Nuclear bomb factory poorly guarded, group warns , By Michael RostonThe Raw Story, May 14, 2007 

College nukes a 'disaster' next door? How the rules don't apply to the reactor in your city, By Beverly Ford,, May 14, 2007 

The Royalty Treatment, NOW by PBS, May 11, 2007 

University of California, Bechtel awarded Lawrence Livermore lab management contract , By Erica Werner, Associated PressSan Jose Mercury News, May 8, 2007 

Oversight Chiefs Differ in Style and Agendas, By Martin Kady IICQ Weekly, May 8, 2007 

Controversial Head of Interior's minerals agency resigns, By Tim KauffmanFederal Times, May 8, 2007 

Not short on cache, By Frank, May 7, 2007 

Some say Bloch should be careful, By Melissa HarrisBaltimore Sun, May 4, 2007 

Fighting Folly, By Greg, May 1, 2007 

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White House posts details of lawmakers' pet projects, By Nicole Gaouette and Tom Hamburger (Los Angeles Times Staff Writers)Houston Chronicle , March 4, 2007 

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UC exempt from paying $1.1 million for LANL violations, by Andy LendermanSanta Fe New Mexican, February 27, 2007 

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Special Counsel Accused Of Intimidation in Probe, by Elizabeth WilliamsonWashington Post, February 16, 2007 

Speaking up for the whistle-blowers, By Stephen BarrThe Washington Post, February 14, 2007 

Lawmakers re-introduce whistleblower, ethics measures, By Jenny, February 13, 2007 

Marine Corps Grounds V-22 Osprey Aircraft, By Renae MerleWashington Post, February 10, 2007 

No money specifically set for Bajagua project, by Mike LeeSan Diego Union-Tribune, February 6, 2007 

Oversight panel ready to dig into U.S. waste, fraud, by Julia MaloneAtlanta Journal-Constitution, February 5, 2007 

Overtime bears risk, guards at TMI fear, By Garry LentonPatriot-News, February 5, 2007 

BP faces new charges in corrosion, By Megan BaldinoKTUU, Alaska, February 5, 2007 

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Los Alamos begins drug testing, by Ralph VartabedianLos Angeles Times, January 31, 2007 

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Fire started during Y-12 operation in December, By Frank MungerKnoxville News Sentinel, January 29, 2007 

Smell test: how politics influenced a big clean-up deal, by Scot J. PaltrowWall Street Journal, January 29, 2007 

Anastasio to testify, by Roger SnodgrassLos Alamos Monitor, January 27, 2007 

Lubrigate: Oil Company Cheated U.S. out of Millions, By Justin, January 24, 2007 

Oil Royalties Slip-Sliding Away, By Jeff TylerMarketplace, January 16, 2007 

Letting oil companies say 'Trust us', By Ashley Milne-Tyte Marketplace, January 15, 2007 

Project on Government Oversight's Baker's Dozen, By Thomas D. WilliamsTruthout, January 12, 2007 

Pipeline closed six hours due to leak, By Angela UnruhKTUU, Alaska, January 9, 2007 

More competition sought for federal contracts, by Kent HooverWashington Business Journal, January 8, 2007 

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Energy Secretary fires nuclear security chief, By Tom, January 5, 2007 

Bush picks new head of nuclear agency, By Josef Hebert, Associated PressHouston Chronicle, January 5, 2007 

Administrator is dismissed from nuclear security post, By Matthew L. WaldNew York Times, January 5, 2007 

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Air marshal's firing prompts whistleblower suit, By Stephen LoseyFederal Times, November 7, 2006 

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Energy probes another data loss, by Michael, October 26, 2006 

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X-band radar to play integral role in controversial system, By Bryan MartinKodiak Daily Mirror, October 26, 2006 

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A lucrative connection, by John ChevesLexington Herald-Leader, October 22, 2006 

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Battle on Border Turns Deadly, With Joe JohnsCNN: Anderson Cooper 360°, May 18, 2006 

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Alaska Native Firms Capitalize on No-Bid Deals, By Griff WitteThe Washington Post, April 12, 2006 

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Lab's plutonium to move by 2014, By Betsy MasonSan Jose Mercury News, April 6, 2006 

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Cunningham's 'bribe menu,' causes little stir in D.C., By Toby EckertCopley News Service, February 22, 2006 

Hill mulls new whistleblower protections, By Pamela HessUnited Press International, February 14, 2006 

Council withdraws controversial share-in-saving contracting plan, By Chris GosierFederal Times, February 8, 2006 

Livermore Lab unveils big gun to scare off terrorists, By Ian HoffmanInside Bay Area, February 3, 2006 

Plans change for ORNL nuclear material, By Frank MungerKnoxville News Sentinel, February 2, 2006 

Groundhog Day, By Molly IvinsCNN, January 31, 2006 

Study sees no need to replace Air Force tankers, By Megan, January 27, 2006 

RAND study for DoD states that new tankers are not needed, By Megan, January 27, 2006 

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As Profits Soar, Companies Pay U.S. Less for Gas Rights , By Edmund L. AndrewsNew York Times, January 23, 2006 

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Lou Dobbs Tonight, With Christine RomansCNN, January 13, 2006 

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Katrina work goes to officials who led Iraq effort, By Adam EntousReuters, October 6, 2005 

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How Many More Mike Browns Are Out There?, By Karen Tumulty, Mark Thompson and Mike AllenTime Magazine, October 3, 2005 

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