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Terror, Where? The Homecoming

July 14, 2008 


From POGO's blog:

Former Federal Air Marshal Jeffrey Denning is more afraid in his own U.S. home than on the front lines of Iraq, he tells CNN and his blog readers.

CNN is reporting that the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has launched a Big Brother-esque investigation into whistleblowers at the Federal Air Marshal Service (FAMS) who talked to CNN and suggested other agents weigh in on the corruption that is rampant at FAMS.

Denning forwarded an email from his personal account to colleagues in March, and then came home from Iraq to discover that his wife had been interviewed by TSA investigator Greg Neiderer. Less than a week after Denning returned, Neiderer called Denning to inform him that TSA was investigating his activities since he left FAMS.

Denning wrote in his blog on May 26, 2008:

"From my personal email he, 1) found out I was a former air marshal; 2) found out I was in Iraq with the Army Reserves and knew that I wasn't home yet; 3) dug up my personal phone number and called my wife while he knew I was in Iraq. What else did this guy find out about me or my family? Oh, probably everything. Shoot, I wonder if the private email conversations I had with my wife while I was in Iraq were being monitored too! It makes me livid.

All of this just because TSA wanted to know who sent me an email I forwarded in March of this year from my personal email account asking for current and former air marshals to talk to CNN.

I'm flabbergasted. What an extreme waste of tax payer money. It's absurd. It's outrageous. Who would have guessed that was more important than fighting terrorists in Iraq or safeguarding commercial aviation assets in America."

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