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Project on Government Oversight




S. 1358 and H.R. 3281 Will Strengthen Protections for Whistleblowers

October 16, 2003 


The Project On Government Oversight (POGO) recognizes the importance of and supports strengthening the Whistleblower Protection Act (WPA). The WPA is essential to promote good government and defend the public interest, allowing those insiders with information about abuse, waste and fraud to come forward without fear of retaliation.

"Currently, the WPA is worse than useless. These new amendments (S. 1358 and H.R. 3281) will finally give whistleblowers the protections they deserve. Retaliation is tragically still a fact of life for whistleblowers. This legislation is fundamental to create an environment where those insiders are able to come forward to make the public safer and more secure," said Danielle Brian, Executive Director of POGO.


Founded in 1981, the Project On Government Oversight (POGO) is a nonpartisan independent watchdog that champions good government reforms. POGO's investigations into corruption, misconduct, and conflicts of interest achieve a more effective, accountable, open, and ethical federal government.

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