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Organizations and Individuals Signing the Whistleblower Protection Act Petition

July 1, 2002 


Whistleblower Protection Act Petition

Organizations Signing the Whistleblower Protection Act Petition, 2002-2003

20/20 Vision, James K. Wyerman, Executive Director

Abalone Alliance Safe Energy Clearinghouse, Roger Herried

Accuracy in Media, Reed Irvine, Chairman

AFL-CIO, Laurence E. Gold, Associate General Counsel

Alaska Center for the Environment, Palmer AK, Joseph LeBeau, Director

Alaska Forum on Environmental Responsibility, Fairbanks, AK, Ross Coen, Executive Director

Alaska Group Six (the anonymous trans-Alaska pipeline whistleblowers), Charles (Chuck) Hamel, on behalf of concerned BP Prudhoe Bay Operators (WOA)

Alaska Wilderness League, Cindy Shogun, Executive Director

American Agricultural Movement Inc., Buddy Vance, President

American Association of University Professors, Arizona Conference, Tucson, AZ, Carol Bernstein, Ph.D.

American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE), Bobby Harnage, President

American Federation of State, County & Municipal Employees (AFSCME), Charles M. Loveless, Director of Legislation

American Friends Service Committee, Philadelphia, PA, Mary Ellen McNish, General Secretary

American Lands Alliance, Steve Holmer, Campaign Coordinator

American Littoral Society, Broad Channel, NY, D.W. Bennett, Executive Director

Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund, Margaret Fung, Executive Director

Better Government Association, Chicago, Illinois, Terrance A. Norton, Executive Director

Blacks In Government, Gerald Reed, National President

Californians for Alternatives to Toxics, Arcata, CA, Patricia Clary, Executive Director

California Institute for Rural Studies, David Lighthall Ph.D., Executive Director

Carman Investigations, La Mesa CA, John Carman, Former U.S. Customs-Private Investigator

Cavallo Foundation, Cambridge, MA, Michael Cavallo, President

Center for Constitutional Rights, New York, NY, Ron Daniels, Executive Director

Center For Food Safety, Joe Mendelson, III, Legal Director

Center for International Environmental Law, David Hunter, Executive Director

Center for International Policy, Robert E. White, President & William Goodfellow, Executive Director

Chemical Weapons Working Group & Common Ground, Berea, KY, Craig Williams, Director

Citizens Progressive Alliance, Denver, CO, Phil Doe

Citizen's Vote, Inc., Anne Hemenway, Treasurer

Clean Water Action, Lynn Thorp, National Programs Coordinator

Common Cause, Scott Harshbarger, President

Community Recovery Services, Berkeley, CA, Joan Kiley, Executive Director

Concerned Citizens for Nuclear Safety, Santa Fe, NM, Joni Arends, Waste Programs Director

Congressional Accountability Project, Gary Ruskin, Director

Consumer Federation of America, Travis Plunkett, Legislative Director

Consumer Project on Technology, James Love, Director

Cook Inlet Keeper, Homer, AK, Bob Shavelson, Director

Customs Employees Against Discrimination Association, Cathy Harris, Founder/Executive Director

East of Huajatolla Citzens Alliance, Aguilar CO, Tom Morrissey

Ecology Center of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA, Nancy Pearlman, Executive Director/Founder

Electors Concerned about Animas Water, Farmington, CO, Verna Wilson, Secretary/Treasurer and Steve Cone, President

Electronic Privacy Information Center, Marc Rotenberg, Executive Director

Environmental Legacy, Washakie, WY, Richard J. Baldes, Senior Biologist

Equality State Policy Center, Laramie, WY, Sarah Gorin, Board Chair

Essential Information, John Richard, Executive Director

FARM -- Farm Animal Reform Movement, Alex Hershaft, President

Federation of American Scientists, Steve Aftergood, Project Director

Forest Guardians, Santa Fe, NM, John C. Horning, Watershed Protection Program

Forest Service Employees for Environmental Ethics (FSEEE), Eugene, OR, Andy Stahl, Executive Director & Jeff DeBonis, Founder

Free Congress Foundation, Notra Trulock, Director of Media Relations

Friends of the Earth, Courtney Cuff, Legislative Director

Fund for Constitutional Government, Conrad Martin, Executive Director

Government Accountability Project, Tom Devine, Legal Director

Grand Canyon Trust, Moab, UT, Bill Hedden, Utah Conservation Director

GrassRoots Recycling Network, Athens, GA, Bill Sheehan, Network Coordinator

Green Party of Tennessee, Gary Wolf, Co-Chair

HALT: An Organization of Americans for Legal Reform, James C. Turner, Executive Director

High Country News, Paonia, CO, Rebecca Clarren, Assistant Editor

Indian Law Resource Center, Helena, MT, Robert T. Coulter, Executive Director

Information Trust, Scott Armstrong, Executive Director

Integrity in Healthcare Consultants, James J. Murtagh, Presdient

Integrity International, Laurel, MD, Don Soeken, Ph.D., Director

International Air Safety Foundation, Edward B. Block, Chairman

Kentucky Environmental Foundation, Berea, KY, Peter Hille, Chairman

Legal Environmental Assistance Foundation, Inc. (LEAF), Cynthia Valencic, Vice President for Programs

The Maine Whistleblower, Bowdoin, ME, Leon Bard, Founder

Mineral Policy Center, Steve D'Esposito, Executive Director

National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, Kweisi Mfume, President and Chief Executive Officer

National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, Leroy Warren, National Board Member, Chair, Federal Sector Taskforce

National Association of Treasury Agents, Frank Rembisz, President

National Committee for an Effective Congress, Russell Hemenway, President

National Consumers League, Brett Kay, Health Policy Associate

National Federation of Federal Employees, Richard Brown, President

National Organization for Women, Patricia Ireland, President

National Taxpayers Union, Dr. John Berthoud, President

National Treasury Employees Union, Colleen M. Kelley, National President

National Treasury Employees Union, Dwight A. Welch, Executive Vice President (Chapter 280 - Representing EPA HQ employees)

National Whistleblower Center, Stephen M. Kohn, Chairperson, Board of Directors

Native Forest Council, Eugene OR, Tim Hermach

NetAction, Audrie Krause, Executive Director

Non-Stockpile Chemical Weapons Citizens Coalition, Berea, KY, Elizabeth Crowe, Director

Nuclear Free New York, Huntington, NY, Bill Smirnow

Nuclear Information and Resource Service, Michael Mariotte, Executive Director

Ocean Advocates, Seattle, WA, Fred Felleman, Northwest Director

Ohio Citizen Action, Sandy Buchanan, Executive Director

Ohio Environmental Council, Vicki Deisner, Executive Director

Oil & Gas Accountability Project, Durango, CO, Gwen Lachelt, Executive Director

OMB Watch, Gary Bass, Executive Director

Oregon Natural Resources Council, Portland, OR, Ken Rait, Conservation Director

Portsmouth Piketon Residents for Environmental Safety and Security, McDermott, OH, Vina Colley, President

Project On Government Oversight, Danielle Brian, Executive Director

Public Citizen Congress Watch, Frank Clemente, Director

Public Citizen Critical Mass Energy and Environment Program, Wenonah Hauter, Executive Director

Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, Jeff DeBonis, Founder & Dan Meyer, General Counsel

Radiation and Public Health Project, New York, NY, Jay Gould, Director

Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, Lucy Dalglish, Executive Director

Rose Foundation for Communities & the Environment, Oakland, CA, Tim Little, Executive Director<p>

Safe Energy Communication Council, Scott Denman, Executive Director

Stakeholder Alliance, Ralph Estes, Director

Taxpayers Against Fraud, James Moorman, President

Taxpayers for Common Sense, Ralph DeGennaro, President & CEO

Texas Alliance for Human Needs, Austin, TX, Jude Filler, Executive Director

The Patrick Henry Center for Individual Liberty, Gary W. Aldrich, President

Tides Foundation, Tides Center, eGrants, Drummond Pike, President

Trans Alaska Gas System Environmental Review Committee, Anchorage, AK, Mike Macy, Coordinator

Union of Concerned Scientists, Dave Lochbaum, Nuclear Safety Engineer

Union of Needletrades, Industrial and Textile Employees (UNITE), Ann Hoffman, Legislative Director

Wetlands Action Network, Malibu, CA, Marcia Hanscom

Wyoming Outdoor Council, Lander, WY, Dan Heilig, Executive Director

Youth on Board, Somerville MA, Karen Young, Co-Director

Individuals Signing the Whistleblower Protection Act Petition, 2002-2003

Diane Abell, E. Moriches, NY
Sylese Bagley, Bergenfield, NJ
Bill Bateman, Ventura, CA
James Brill, Wilton, CT
Gerald Brookman, Kenai, Alaska
Brian Coan, Redwood City, CA
Charles Edward Cook, Clarksville, TN
John Crockford, Clovis CA
William Curdy, Carlsbad, CA
Monique DaLomba, Elmhurst, NY
Lauren Darges, Sebastopol, CA
Julia Dengel, Durango, CO
Mary Rose Diefenderfer, Heathrow, FL
Dana Edgecomb, Standish, ME
David Farquhar, Hiawatha, IA
Janice Fine, Organizing Director, Northeast Action, and Chair, United for a Fair Economy, Boston, MA
Janon Fisher, Brooklyn, NY
Kellie Gillaspy, Tulsa, OK
Douglas Grinnell, Lapeer, MI
Herbert Gross MD, Green Valley Lake, CA
Philip Harvey, President DKT International, Washington, DC
Roger Helbig, Lt. Col. USAF Res Ret., Whistleblower 1992 to Present
Ray F. Herndon, Costa Mesa, CA
Linda Hillman, Attorney & CPA, Sherman Oaks, CA
Harry Hochheiser, Baltimore, MD
Lee Hurlock
Karen Isaacson, Mountlake Terrace, WA
Bill Krause, Boulder, CO
David Lantzy
Stefan Lasiewski, Berkeley, CA
John Maas, Jefferson, NY
Preston Peet, contributing editor & freelance journalist,, New York, NY
Tarah Manica, Avondale, AZ
Lawrence J. Marino, Newhall, CA
Patti Matthews, NC
Cherry McGrady, Beaverton, OR
Jason Moore, Westmon, IL
Larry D. Morrill, Yuma, AZ
Robert Pflueger, Owner, Pflueger Investigations, Granbury Texas
Vicki Poage, Austin, TX
George-Anne Roberts, Santa Fe, NM
Joann Rollings-Chewning LMSW
Lisa Scott, San Diego, CA
John M. Scroggins, Suitland, MD
Sharon Stevenson, Correspondent, Lima, Peru
Harold Stokes, Redford, MI
John Surdyk, Lyons, IL
Craig Toth, Miami, FL
George Weikart, Palo Alto, CA
Denise M. Winkelman, Johnstown, PA 

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