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FBI Agents Raid OSC Offices

May 6, 2008 


From POGO's blog:

The Wall Street Journal and NPR are reporting that FBI agents have raided the offices of Special Counsel Scott Bloch, seizing computers and documents belonging to Bloch and his staff as part of an ongoing investigation into alleged obstruction of justice.  Although Bloch has not been officially charged with any crime, FBI agents also searched his home and shut down email access at OSC offices across the country. 

The Journal previously reported that Bloch hired a private tech company, Geeks on Call, to conduct a seven-layer scrub of his computer and several office laptops.  Bloch claimed he was deleting a virus, but investigators suspect that he was destroying evidence related to allegations that he had used his office for political purposes and retaliated against career employees.

UPDATE: Click here for more background on Scott Bloch and the Office of Special Counsel.  You can also learn more by reading POGO's previous blog posts:

UPDATE 2: POGO is especially interested in what turns up, as we are in the midst of completing an investigation into OSC's handling of whistleblower disclosures and whistleblowing reprisals complaints from Federal Air Marshals.

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