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Nuke Plants Not Protected Against RPGs

February 22, 2006 


A letter issued by the Project On Government Oversight today criticizes a Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) vote against requiring that nuclear power plants be able to protect against Rocket Propelled Grenades.

According to the letter: "During a Special Forces mission in West Africa last year, Pentagon officials found that an RPG-4 could be purchased for less than $10 U.S. on the weapons market, and were available in large quantities in a matter of hours. This is equally true in South Asia. Pentagon officials have told POGO that getting shipments of RPG's into the U.S. would be surprisingly easy."

An Associated Press story today quotes the industry as claiming that an RPG has never been used in the U.S: "We've never seen an RPGs used in this country," said Steven Floyd, vice president at the Nuclear Energy Institute, the leading nuclear lobbying organization. "RPGs are widely used by terrorists around the world. It is hardly a stretch to believe they would be a weapon of choice here," replied Danielle Brian, Executive Director of the Project On Government Oversight. A number of other agencies believe RPGs should be included in the NRC's security requirements.

POGO's letter to the NRC Chairman Diaz was submitted as a comment to a proposed rulemaking on the NRC's security standards, known as the Design Basis Threat. Click here to see a copy of POGO's letter.

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