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GAO on Lax Nuclear Power Plant Security: Confirms Many of POGO's Findings

September 24, 2003 


A new report by the General Accounting Office confirms many of the weaknesses in nuclear power plant security identified in a 2002 report issued by the Project On Government Oversight (POGO). POGO's report, "Nuclear Power Plant Security: Voices from Inside the Fences" was based upon interviews with security guards and officers at nuclear power plants across the U.S.

In response to POGO's report, the federal government's Nuclear Regulatory Commission issued orders aimed at improving working conditions and training for security officers. However, the GAO report documents that much more needs to be done.

"The GAO report once again confirms that since September 11th not enough has been done to ensure that the public is protected from a possible terrorist attack. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has abdicated their oversight role and depended on the utilities to set their own security standards," said POGO's senior investigator Peter Stockton.

The GAO report "Nuclear Regulatory Commission: Oversight of Security at Commercial Nuclear Power Plants Needs to Be Strengthened" GAO-03-75. Click here to read highlights for the report. 

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