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Whistleblower from Indian Point Nuclear Plant: Security is Lax

December 9, 2002 


A high-ranking security trainer at Indian Point has blown the whistle - the first insider willing to publicly speak to the media on security shortfalls at the facility, which is direct proximity to the largest population of any nuclear power plant in the U.S. There is a compelling set of documents factually backing up his concerns.

Danielle Brian and the whistleblower, Foster Zeh, were on Good Morning America this morning and a New York Times piece ran yesterday.

Contact the New York-based nonprofit Riverkeeper to request copies of the documents or contact information for Foster. In addition, Peter Stockton or Danielle Brian on POGO's staff (contact info above) can tell you more about Foster, give you his contact info, and let you know how the issues he is blowing the whistle on mirror many of the same security failures uncovered by POGO's investigations.

See POGO's report Nuclear Power Plant Security: Voices from Inside the Fences and comments from some of the 140 other security guards nationwide who have expressed concerns to POGO. 

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