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Leaked Document: More Evidence Surfaces

December 23, 2002 


 A new document leaked to POGO shows that Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) officials have misrepresented facts to the Department of Energy (DOE), particularly in regard to requirements instituted due to previous mismanagement at the facility. Click here to view the document in pdf format.

According to the May, 2001 letter from LANL Director John Browne to the Department of Energy: "it became clear to me that LANL had not represented the situation regarding the TA-18 BIO review accurately...I would like to apologize to you and David for this misrepresentation of the facts. I did not have the appropriate information at those meetings. This situation is being corrected so we do not have a similar problem in the future."

The letter concerns safety reviews at TA-18 required under Appendix O of the University of California (UC) contract with Department of Energy. Executed in January, 2001, Appendix O was intended to improve UC management and safety of Los Alamos and Lawrence Livermore Laboratories in five areas. Appendix O required creation of the Office of Security Inquiries which was staffed by Glenn Walp and Steve Doran, recently fired in retaliation by management after uncovering financial improprieties.

According to a December 20, 2002 Albuquerque Journal article, "Federal Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham during a visit to New Mexico last week indicated that his biggest concerns were about the perception that LANL management was in disarray, [LANL Director John] Browne said." This latest document provides more evidence of that disarray.

Acronyms used in the document:

BIO -- Basis for Interim Operation
TSR -- Technical Safety Review
LAAO -- Los Alamos Area Office

POGO has recently worked with sources and whistleblowers throughout LANL to expose corruption at the facility.

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