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Breaking up MMS and Kicking Industry out of Bed: POGO Applauds Sec. Salazar's Announcement

May 19, 2010 


Regarding Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar's announcement that he's separating the Minerals Management Service into three separate entities, POGO Executive Director Danielle Brian stated:

"It's awful that it took the catastrophe in the Gulf to force this change, but we're glad that Salazar appears to be following through with the reforms he promised. MMS has been serving two masters -- we're glad that they are finally taking steps to serve the taxpayers."

POGO called for a separation and in particular separating the leasing and oversight functions. Interior is taking initiative to have the proper structures to be a more effective custodian of our natural resources.

Sec. Salazar specifically stated: “The Minerals Management Service has three distinct and conflicting missions that – for the benefit of effective enforcement, energy development, and revenue collection – must be divided,” said Secretary Salazar. “The reorganization I am ordering today is the next step in our reform agenda and will enable us to carry out these three separate and equally-important missions with greater effectiveness and transparency. These reforms will strengthen oversight of offshore energy operations, improve the structure for revenue and royalty collections on behalf of the American people, and help our country build the clean energy future we need.”

Brian went on to comment:

"This is great news. Finally, MMS is kicking industry out of bed, and giving the oversight functions the independence they deserve. Congress now must work with Sec. Salazar and act to ensure real reform."

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