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Analysts Critique Pentagon's Strategic Defense Review

May 8, 2001 


Media Advisory
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The Pentagon is wrapping up and releasing its Strategic Defense Review. The Byzantine process, which has involved some 20 different panels often working at cross purposes, has largely been conducted behind closed doors, with little or no input from the service branches.

On Monday, May 14, a panel of experts will critically interpret and decipher the implications of the Rumsfeld Review. While most media accounts have portrayed the Strategic Review as a battle between reformers and advocates of the status quo, the panelists will examine the premises of the reforms. Speakers will include:

  • Lawrence Korb, Vice President, Council on Foreign Relations, and a former Assistant Secretary of Defense in the Reagan administration.

  • Cindy Williams, Senior Fellow in security studies, MIT and author of Holding The Line, an analysis of the U.S. military budget and strategy.

  • William Hartung, President's Fellow, World Policy Institute and a national missile defense expert.

  • John Gershman, a China expert and Asia editor with Foreign Policy In Focus, a joint project of the Institute for Policy Studies and the Interhemispheric Resource Center.

Among the issues the speakers will examine are:

  • Does the Rumsfeld strategy represent new thinking and a truly transformed military structure or just a push for more hardware?

  • What are the implications of an accelerated national missile defense for good relations with both U.S. allies and former opponents like Russia and China?

  • Does the Rumsfeld strategy depend on unrealistic estimates of savings from procurement and infrastructure reforms?

  • Is China being made into a new cold war threat?

A briefing book will be distributed at the press conference. It will preview and analyze the Strategic Defense Review panels.

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