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SIGIR Update

July 15, 2008 


From POGO's blog:

We have heard from Ginger Cruz, deputy to the SIGIR, Stuart Bowen, regarding our recent blogs.  Whereas we had reported that the Integrity Committee of the President's Council on Integrity and Efficiency, the coordinating body for IGs, was still continuing its administrative inquiry into questions about SIGIR, Cruz forwarded us a "clearance letter" from the Integrity Committee, showing that its investigation had been closed.  We are happy to provide this letter to our readers, and also to seize the opportunity to point out that a little more transparency on the part of the Integrity Committee--particularly when allegations such as those against SIGIR have been widely disseminated--would be good for all involved.

Cruz further offered a rather lengthy response to many of the allegations that have been brought forward, which we are also glad to make available.  We will continue to maintain a strong interest in SIGIR and its important mission. 

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