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POGO Hopes "Top Secret America" Brings More Oversight of Intelligence Agencies

July 19, 2010 


"We're glad to see the Washington Post devote the time and resources to investigate the murky world of intelligence activities. POGO has long been advocating increased oversight of intelligence activities and this series provides further evidence that systemic oversight over the intelligence community is far overdue.  At a minimum this series should convince Congress that the GAO should be granted the authority to conduct meaningful audits of the intelligence community, as POGO has repeatedly argued," said Danielle Brian, Executive Director, Project On Government Oversight.

"We hope that the Acting Director of National Intelligence, in his recent commitment to continue to work with Congress, is referring to legislation that would allow the GAO to conduct meaningful audits of the intelligence community's activities," Brian added.

Here are just a few of the POGO resources on this topic:

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