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Momentum Builds for GAO Audits of Intelligence Community

June 28, 2010 


Eleanor Hill, a seasoned oversight practitioner of the intelligence community, has come out in support of the Eshoo amendment to the Defense Authorization Act, which among other things would allow the Government Accountability Office (GAO) to audit the intelligence community. POGO, along with the Federation of American Scientists, has come out in support of this relatively simple good government fix.

Hill, who was the Inspector General (IG) for the Defense Department, told Jeff Stein with the Washington Post’s Spy Talk:

“GAO is a highly experienced and professional oversight organization that is quite capable of protecting sensitive intelligence information. With all the mishaps reported over the years, we need more, not less, oversight of intelligence activities: GAO would be a welcome addition, in my view.”

The Project on Government Oversight would be interested to know if other former Inspectors General share Hill’s opinion.

POGO also echoes her support of the move to create an intelligence-wide IG.

The Senate soon will vote on their DoD Authorization bill, and we would like to see a floor vote on its version of the amendment, sponsored by Senator Daniel Akaka (D-HI).

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