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Jail Sentence for Darleen Druyun is warranted, POGO says

October 1, 2004 


The Air Force's former chief acquisition official, Darleen Druyun, was sentenced to nine months in federal prison today for her part in a conspiracy to assist Boeing Company in a tanker lease contract while negotiating a job with the defense contractor.

POGO believes the sentence was fair and well-deserved and will hopefully serve as a reminder of the dangers of the revolving door between government and contractors.

"The Druyun case is offering an unusual view of just how cozy the Pentagon and defense contractors have become," said POGO Senior Defense Investigator Eric Miller. "Her supplemental plea filed with the federal court on Friday details an even sleazier story than we could have imagined."

"The Pentagon has been saying Ms. Druyun was a tough negotiator. Ironically while she was working for the Air Force, as we initially suspected, she was actually negotiating on behalf of Boeing."

(follow the links to view the Supplemental Plea Agreement or the Supplemental Statement of Facts)

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