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Former Head of FEMA Lobbies for Disaster Relief for Halliburton

September 7, 2005 


The former head of FEMA, Joe Allbaugh, is a registered lobbyist for Halliburton Subsidiary Kellogg Brown and Root on disaster relief issues.

According to lobbying disclosure forms filed with the Senate, Allbaugh has lobbied to "Educate the congressional and executive branch on defense, disaster relief and homeland security issues affecting Kellogg Brown and Root. No specific bill to be lobbied at this time."

To view the form dated February 1, 2005, go to (please note, to get to 2nd page, click on button at top left corner):|2

Halliburton has posted a statement on its web sites referencing its disaster relief activities and related contracts which can be viewed here. (this link to Haliburton was dead on 7/30/2007)

In March, the Washington Examiner reported on Allbaugh's move to Halliburton, click here to view the story.

"The government has got to stop stacking senior positions with people who are repeatedly cashing in on the public trust in order to further private commercial interests," said Danielle Brian, Executive Director of POGO.

In June 2004, POGO issued a report detailing how government officials frequently go through the "revolving door" to work for the government's largest contractors. By examining corporate press releases and filings, POGO identified 291 instances involving 224 high-ranking government officials who shifted into the private sector to serve as lobbyists, board members or executives of the contractors. POGO found that at least one-third of the high-ranking former government employees who went to work for or to serve on the board of a government contractor were in agency positions allowing them to influence government contracting decisions. Click here to view that report.

POGO has also called for Halliburton and its subsidiaries to be barred from future government contracts given numerous cases of misconduct, including the much-publicized failure to account for $1.8 billion in expenses on Iraq contracts (click here to see more details).

FedBizOpps, a clearinghouse web site on government contracting opportunities, noted that it was unlikely that contracting opportunities would be posted on its web site "due to the immediacy of emergency opportunities" (see A story from yesterday summed up the situation with regard to Katrina-related contracting in its title: "Post-disaster contracting rush leads to confusion" (click here to view story).

Founded in 1981, the Project On Government Oversight (POGO) is a nonpartisan independent watchdog that champions good government reforms. POGO's investigations into corruption, misconduct, and conflicts of interest achieve a more effective, accountable, open, and ethical federal government.

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