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POGO Comment on Boeing Settlement

May 15, 2006 


On Monday, Boeing reached a tentative agreement with the U.S. Justice Department to pay a $615 million settlement because of investigations into contracting misconduct perpetrated over three years.  Boeing's settlement allows it to avoid criminal charges and any admission of wrongdoing.

"The Project On Government Oversight ( POGO ) is heartened by the financial penalty the U.S. Department of Justice is announcing today against Boeing.  Our records show that this is the largest financial penalty imposed against a defense contractor," said Jennifer Porter Gore, POGO spokeswoman.  As such, this is a strong indication that the government is taking seriously the need for strong deterrents against future contracting violations.  We hope that the government continues to take this strong stance and doesn't go back to relying on the uneven efforts defense contractors have made to police themselves."

An excerpt from POGO 's Federal Contractor Misconduct Database appears below.

Click here to listen to National Public Radio's interview with POGO 's Scott Amey about Boeing's announced $615 million settlement with the Justice Department.



Case Type


Disposition, Date


Court Case





Settlement, 9/6/1991

"Unisys pleaded guilty to charges that it submitted phony invoices to the Pentagon to conceal illegal efforts to get inside bid information on contracts and make political contributions to influential members of Congress."


Defense Contracting: Contractor Claims for Legal Costs Associated with Stockholder Lawsuits, GAO/NSIAD-95-66 (July 1995); AP 03/15/92


United Technologies



Settlement, 3/30/1994

"Procurement Fraud"

United States v United Technologies, Docket #89-CV-323, US DC CT ( Hartford ) (Civil)

Defense Contracting: Contractor Claims for Legal Costs Associated with Stockholder Lawsuits, GAO/NSIAD-95-66 (July 1995)


Northrop Grumman
--TRW (Space & Technology Group)



Settlement, 6/9/2003

"The government alleged that between the years 1990 and 1997, TRW employees engaged in five separate schemes that increased the costs the government paid the aerospace contractor."

United States v TRW, Docket #95-CV-4153, US DC CD CA (Civil)

Department of Justice Press Release 06/09/2003 ; Northrop Grumman Press Release 06/09/2003


--Lucas Western



Settlement, 10/2/1995

Allegedly "failed to properly test military airplane parts and knowingly shipped defective parts to the Navy, Army, and Air Force under contracts with the Department of Defense..."

United States v Lucas Aerospace, Docket #93-CV-831, US DC District of Utah (Central) (Civil)

Department of Justice (DOJ) Press Release 10/02/95 ; Court Docket


Northrop Grumman
--Litton (Computer Services - Woodland Hills)



Settlement, 7/14/1994

Allegedly, "the company defrauded the government of millions of dollars by shifting commercial data processing costs to hundreds of defense contract ... ."

Taxpayers Against Fraud v Litton Systems, Docket #88-CV-2276, US DC CD CA (Civil)

GAO/NSIAD-95-166; Defense Contract Litigation Reporter 8/11/1994 ; DOJ Press Release 7/14/1994





Settlement, 4/29/1994

"Accused of charging the Government millions of dollars in research and development costs that it should have absorbed."


Defense Contracts: Contractor Claims for Legal Costs Associated with Stockholder Lawsuits GAO/NSIAD-95-166 (July 1995); The New York Times 04/30/94


General Electric



Pled Guilty, 7/22/1992

"... [pled] guilty to diverting some $26.5 million from the U.S. foreign military aid program used to finance General Electric's sale of F-16 jet engines and support equipment to Israel ."

United States v General Electric, Docket #90-CV-792, US DC SD OH ( Cincinnati ) (Criminal)

Taxpayers Against Fraud (TAF) 1994 Year In Review; Defense Contracting: Contractor Claims for Legal Costs Associated with Stockholder Lawsuits, GAO/NSIAD-95-66 (July 1995); Department of Justice (DOJ) Press Release 05/12/93





Settlement, 8/1/2000

"Alleged that Boeing placed defective flight-critical transmission gears into CH-47D Chinook helicopters."

United States v Boeing, Docket #97-CV-410, US DC SD OH (Civil)

Department of Defense (DOD) Inspector General Press Release 08/01/00-08/15/00; Department of Justice (DOJ) Press Release 08/03/00 ; DOJ Press Release 05/01/97 ; Taxpayers Against Fraud (TAF) Quarterly Review Volume 14 April 2000 , Volume 18 July 2000 , Volume


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