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The Whistleblower Who Fell Through the Cracks
December 7, 2011

On a hot, parched day in June 2004, a convoy of Humvees was making its way across Iraq’s Sunni Triangle when a roadside bomb exploded, mangling the head vehicle and knocking lead gunman Mike Helms unconscious. The force of the impact blew 2,000 rounds of ammunition from the Humvee. The other soldiers, seeing Helms’ limp frame, thought he was dead.

Helms, an intelligence specialist deployed to the Army’s 902nd Military Intelligence (MI) Group, was alive—but he was wrongfully denied military medical care because technically, he was a civilian. When he tried to speak out about the U.S. military’s poor treatment of deployed civilians in Iraq, he plunged into a whistleblower’s worst nightmare: as he was losing his health, reprisal against him caused him to lose his livelihood.

DC Council Ahead of the Curve on Whistleblower Protections
March 10, 2010

Washington, DC, could soon have some of the strongest whistleblower protections laws in the U.S. After being introduced last year, the District's Whistleblower Protection Amendment Act of 2009 has been passed unanimously by the DC Council, signed by the Mayor, and is projected to become law this week — the only remaining hurdle is the mandated review by Congress.

Brad Birkenfeld Resource Page
August 25, 2009

Coast Guard Blogger Fired
March 19, 2008

Another Kind of Prison Torture
December 8, 2005

Whistleblower Staff Blow the Whistle on Special Counsel
March 3, 2005

OSC Staff Want Independent Investigation of Illegal Personnel Practices



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, A Group of Former Whistleblowers
November 22, 2010 

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August 17, 2010 

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Good Government Coalition and Consumer Groups,
October 29, 2007 

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Earl E. Devaney, Inspector General, United States Department of the Interior
September 17, 2007 

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by Louis Fisher, Congressional Research Service
December 30, 2005 

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George Breznay, Department of Energy
March 15, 2002 

Senate Bill S.995
June 7, 2001 

Whistleblower Protections for Federal Employees
By L. Paige Whitaker and Michael Schmerling, Congressional Research Service (CRS)
May 18, 1998 


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