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Project on Government Oversight


In recent years, the airlines and other industries have had a tremendous influence over the federal agencies in charge of transportation and public safety.  POGO is calling for greater oversight and accountability to ensure that the public’s interest is not being undermined by lobbying from the transportation industry.  Click on the program areas below to learn more. 
Big Dig
The Boston Central Artery/Third Harbor Tunnel, more commonly known as the Big Dig, has run billions of dollars over budget and years behind schedule.  Sold to Congress as a $2.3 billion project to be completed in 1998, the Big Dig far exceeded all cost estimates, ringing in at a stunning $14.6 billion.  Building the most expensive highway project in the history of the United States, the contractors Bechtel/Parsons Brinckerhoff drained federal money with virtually no government oversight.  A few years ago, after a passenger was killed when a massive piece of concrete fell from the tunnel, POGO renewed its call for oversight and investigations into the Big Dig project.
Faulty Aircraft Wiring
An investigation by POGO revealed that the military has been aware of serious wiring problems on its aircraft since at least the early 1980s, but failed to notify regulators.  POGO also discovered that wiring experts who tried to blow the whistle on flammable wiring problems were silenced and retaliated against over many years.  The military’s actions left millions of commercial air travelers vulnerable to this deadly problem.
Federal Aviation Administration
POGO has begun an investigation looking into issues of oversight and accountability at the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).  A recent audit obtained by POGO revealed that lack of oversight by the FAA and airplane manufacturers has resulted in the installation of substandard parts on both civilian and military aircraft.  POGO also recently discovered that a major supplier of aircraft materials has committed fraud and bribery for nearly a decade, threatening the safety of civilians and soldiers who fly on commercial and military aircraft.