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MMS Reforms Must Dig Deeper
June 17, 2010

POGO Submits FOIA Request for Minerals Management Service Documents
May 27, 2010

POGO has filed a Freedom of Information Act request for documents from the Minerals Management Service (MMS) Solicitor's Office.



Related Resources

BLM Needs a Comprehensive Strategy to Better Manage Potential Oil and Gas Well Liability
Report GAO-11-292, Government Accountability Office (GAO)
February 1, 2011 

High Risk Series: An Update
Report GAO-11-278, Goverment Accountability Office (GAO)
February 1, 2011 

Interior Department Oversight of Offshore Oil Drilling, Panel 2
Featuring POGO's Danielle Brian at about 12:20 running time, C-Span Video Library
July 22, 2010 

GAO Testimony on Oil Spills: Cost of Major Spills May Impact Viability of Oil Spill Liability Trust Fund
Statement of Susan Fleming, Director, Physical Infrastructure, Government Accountability Office (GAO)
June 16, 2010 

Congresswoman Chellie Pingree introduces legislation to collect royalties on spilled oil
Rep. Chellie Pingree (D-ME), US House of Representatives
June 14, 2010 

House Natural Resources Chairman Rahall Letter to Interior Secretary Salazar Regarding Drilling Inspectors
Nick J. Rahall II, Chairman, (D-WV) Committee On Natural Resources, U.S. House of Representatives
June 8, 2010 

Inspector General Report on Bureau of Land Management (BLM) District Manager Steve Henke
Office of Inspector General, U.S. Department of the Interior
June 7, 2010 

Key Questions Arising from Inquiry into the Deepwater Horizon Gulf of Mexico
Committee on Energy and Commerce, US House of Representatives
May 25, 2010 

Letter from Senator Charles Grassley to CEO of Transocean, Ltd.
Senator Charles Grassley (R-IA), U.S. Senate Committee on Finance
May 17, 2010 

Letter from Senator Charles Grassley to Halliburton Co.
Senator Charles Grassley (R-IA), U.S. Senate Committee on Finance
May 17, 2010 

Letter from Senator Charles Grassley to Department of the Interior Secretary Ken Salazar
Senator Charles Grassley (R-IA), U.S. Senate Committee on Finance
May 17, 2010 

Letter from Senator Charles Grassley to President of BP America, Inc.
Senator Charles Grassley (R-IA), U.S. Senate Committee on Finance
May 17, 2010 

Hearing on "Inquiry into the Deepwater Horizon Gulf Coast Oil Spill"
House Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations, US House of Representatives
May 12, 2010 

Hearing: to review current issues related to offshore oil and gas development
Committee on Energy & Natural Resources, U.S. Senate
May 11, 2010 

Issa to Investigate Regulators Responsible for Oversight of Offshore Drilling Activity
Republican Blog, Committee on Oversight & Government Reform
May 3, 2010 

Letter to Dept. of Interior Secretary Salazar calling for investigation into the BP, Transocean and Deepwater Horizon Safety Regulations and Certifications
Representative Darrell E. Issa (R-CA), House of Represenatives, Committee On Oversight and Government Reform
May 3, 2010 

Investigative Report: Island Operating Company et al
Office of the Inspector General, Department of the Interior
March 31, 2010 

MMS Could Do More to Improve the Accuracy of Key Data Used to Collect and Verify Oil and Gas Royalties
Report GAO-09-549, Government Accountability Office (GAO)
July 1, 2009 

Federal Oil and Gas Resource Management and Revenue Collection In Need of Stronger Oversight and Comprehensive Reassessment
Testimony of Frank Rusco, Director, Natural Resources and Environment, Government Accountability Office (GAO-09-556T)
April 2, 2009 

MMS: Safety Alert: Plug and Abandonment of Non-producing Wells and Facilities
Contact: Jane Powers, Minerals Management Service
August 1, 2007 

Idle Iron in the Gulf of Mexico
Under MMS Contract by Coastal Marine Institute and Louisiana State University; Center for Energy Studies; Mark J. Kaiser and Allan G. Pulsipher, US Department of the Interior / Minerals Management Service / Gulf of Mexico OCS Region
May 1, 2007 

Testimony of Department of Interior Inspector General Earl E. Devaney
Subcommittee on Energy & Resources, US House of Representatives
September 13, 2006 

Mineral Revenues: Progress Has Been Slow In Verifying Offshore Oil and Gas Production
GAO/ RCED-90-193, Government Accountability Office
August 1, 1990 

Offshore Oil and Gas: Final Annual Report on Shut-In and Flaring Wells
GAO, Government Accountability Office
September 1, 1986 

Offshore Oil and Gas: Inspection of Outer Continental Shelf Facilities
(GAO), Government Accountability Office
December 1, 1985 

Fiscal Accountability of the Nation's Energy Resources
David Linowes and the Linowes Commission, Commission on Fiscal Accountability of the Nation's Energy Resources
January 21, 1982 

Impact of Regulations -- After Federal Leasing -- On Outer Continental Shelf Oil and Gas Development
By the Comptroller General of the United States, Government Accountability Office (GAO)
February 27, 1981 

GAO Letter to FERC Chairman Charles B. Curtis regarding Review of OCS Pipeline Permitting and Regulatory Functions
J. Dexter Peach, Director, Government Accountability Office (GAO)
January 12, 1979 


POGO in the News

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Recusal policy reveals oil industry-gov't ties, Dina Cappiello, Associated PressCNBC, July 26, 2011 

Higher oil royalty charges expected from Obama, Evan Bush; Center for Public IntegrityTucscon, June 18, 2011 

The F Word: Is BP Too Big To Fail?, By Laura FlandersThe Nation, May 3, 2011 

BP Still Being Awarded Lucrative Government Contracts, By Jason LeopoldTruthout; The Public Record, April 21, 2011 

Big Break For Big Oil, Larger Burden For Taxpayers, By Aaron MehtaThe Huffington Post; iWatch News, April 15, 2011 

Cozy relationship between Casper BLM manager, contractor deserves more scrutiny, By Dustin BleizefferWyoFile, March 10, 2011 

BLM pressed on alleged ethics violations by former Wyoming manager, By Scott Streater, Environment & Energy Daily reporterWyoFile, March 8, 2011 

Report: Favors to Wyo. BLM official in land deal, Associated PressKULR-8 New, March 6, 2011 

Report: Wyo. BLM field office manager took favors from public-private land deal beneficiary, By Mead Gruver, Associated PressThe Republic, March 4, 2011 

2009 investigation report from the Interior Department's Office of the Inspector General, By Jeremy FuglebergCasper Star-Tribune, March 3, 2011 

Interior's Management Of Oil And Gas Is 'High-Risk' Program: GAO, By Marcus BaramThe Huffington Post; The Watchdog, February 16, 2011 

BP royalty payments in gulf spill face scrutiny, By Ralph VartabedianThe Los Angeles Times, February 3, 2011 

Did PR Beat Out Science in the Obama Oil Spill Report?, By Noel, January 28, 2011 

Watchdog: Admin Ignored Scientists' Spill Report Recommendations, By Kate SheppardMother Jones, January 26, 2011 

White House is accused of politicizing oil spill estimates, By David HammerThe Times-Picayune, January 25, 2011 

Feds want investigation of NMOGA’s Steve Henke reopened, By Bryant FurlowThe New Mexico Independent, October 29, 2010 

BLM director wants to reopen inquiry, By Chuck SlothowerThe Farmington Daily Times, October 25, 2010 

BLM took no action against manager who took oil company gifts, By Bryant FurlowThe New Mexico Independent, October 18, 2010 

Ex-regulator's new job queried; 'Revolving door' charge rebuffed, By Jim McElhattonThe Washington Times, October 17, 2010 

Report: Interior Dept. Took No Action After Official Accepted Oil Industry Gifts, By Andrew RestucciaThe Washington Independent, October 13, 2010 

Despite Anger Over BP Spill, Washington Might Not Act, By Shashank Bengali and William Douglas, McClatchy NewspapersThe Miami Herald, July 30, 2010 

Three of every four oil and gas lobbyists worked for federal government, By Dan Eggen and Kimberly KindyThe Washington Post, July 22, 2010 

Groups seek investigation over oil industry hire, By Susan Montoya Bryan, Associated PressSalon, July 21, 2010 

Minerals Management Serice and Offshore Drilling Regulation, Testimony By POGO's Danielle BrianHouse Committee Natural Resources | Energy and Mineral Resources, June 17, 2010 

Dick Cheney's Last Laugh, By Kate SheppardMother Jones, June 10, 2010 

Before Deepwater Horizon Disaster – Wyomingites Had Key Roles in MMS, By Rone, June 2, 2010 

Obama Administration Official Resigns in Wake of BP Spill, By Yunji de NiesABC News, May 27, 2010 

Report Details Ethics Violations Of Offshore Agency, With Brian NaylorNational Public Radio (NPR), May 25, 2010 

Oil Regulation or ‘Sex, Drugs, and Football’, By Larry DoyleWall Street Pit; Global Market Insight, May 25, 2010 

Oil inspectors took company gifts, watchdog group finds, By Dugald McConnell and Carol CrattyCNN, May 25, 2010 

Feds neglect to collect billions from big oil, By Scott Hiaasen and Curtis MorganThe Miami Herald, May 22, 2010 

Why Is BP Calling the Shots in the Gulf?, With Matt GutmanABC News with Diane Sawyer, May 21, 2010 

Libertarian Paul defends oil and gas company, With Chris HayesThe Rachel Maddow Show, May 21, 2010 

Conflict of Interest Worries Raised in Spill Tests, By Ian UrbinaThe New York Times, May 20, 2010 

Can MMS restructuring save regulation?, With Rachel MaddowMSNBC: The Rachel Maddow Show, May 14, 2010 

Regulatory Failure Marks Gulf Oil Spill Disaster, By David DayenBlog: Firedoglake, May 12, 2010 

A plan to split offshore oil agency, With Brett NeelyMarketplace, May 11, 2010 

Rules, Revolving Doors and the Oil Industry, By The EditorsThe New York Times; Room For Debate: A Running Commentary On The News, May 6, 2010 

There Will Be Blood, By Kate SheppardMother Jones, May 5, 2010 

Gulf Oil Spill Puts Spotlight on Regulator With Mixed Record, By Marian WangThe ProPublica Blog, April 29, 2010