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Joint Strike Fighter Aircraft

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Joint Strike Fighter Nunn-McCurdy Certification
Ashton Carter, Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics
June 1, 2010 

Joint Strike Fighter: Significant Challenges and Decisions Ahead
Report GAO-10-478T, Government Accountability Office, (GAO)
March 24, 2010 

Joint Strike Fighter: Significant Challenges Remain as DOD Restructures Program
Statement of Michael Sullivan, Director, Acquisition and Sourcing Managment, Government Accountability Office (GAO-10-520T)
March 11, 2010 

Navy Programs: F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF)
Director of Operational Testing and Evaluation Report, (DOT & E)
April 16, 2004 

The JSF: One More Card In The House
By Franklin "Chuck" Spinney, Proceedings of the U.S. Naval Institute
August 1, 2000 


POGO in the News

A-G's office went to Texas to kick tires on troubled F-35 fighter program, Lee BerthiaumeThe Vancouver Sun, November 1, 2011 

Carter Blasts F136 Provisions In House Bill, Jen DiMascioAviation Week, June 24, 2011 

U.S. says "not happy" with F-35 engine cost overruns, By Jim WolfReuters, April 13, 2011 

Did the Pentagon Warn of Stealth Jet Security Breach?, By Noah ShactmanWIRED/DangerRoom, Online, April 21, 2009 

Security of F-35 Questioned, By Youngster (Blog), November 1, 2008 

F-35 factory: One aircraft per day by 2016, By Grace V. JeanNational Defense, July 1, 2008 

Production Targets, By Grace JeanNational Defense, July 1, 2008 

Pentagon to Fine Lockheed $10 Million for Each JSF Milestone Missed, By Marcus Weisgerber and Jason SimpsonInside the Navy, June 9, 2008 

Pricing czar pitched to rein in Pentagon, By Rowan ScarboroughThe Washington Times, June 4, 2008 

Lockheed Faulted for Failure to Control Costs, Dana HedgpethThe Washington Post, June 4, 2008 

U.S. News: Levin Targets Bad Pentagon Estimates, By August ColeThe Wall Street Journal, June 4, 2008 

Senators take aim at Lockheed's F-35 program, By Richard BurnettOrlando Sentinel, June 4, 2008 

Pentagon report says Lockheed Martin failed to comply with cost-management guidelines, By Joelle TesslerThe Associated Press, June 3, 2008 

Lockheed costs under scrutiny, By Muhammed El-HasanLA Daily News, June 3, 2008 

Pentagon faults Lockheed's tracking of big programs, By Andrea Shalal-EsaReuters, June 3, 2008 

The Daily Muck, By John AmickTPM Muckraker, June 3, 2008 

Lockheed cost controls deficient, DCMA says, By Alice LipowiczWashington Technology, June 3, 2008 

Pentagon report says Lockheed Martin failed to comply with cost-management guidelines, By Joelle TesslerThe Associated Press, June 3, 2008 

Defense Department takes closer look at Lockheed financial operations, By Richard BurnettOrlando Sentinal, June 3, 2008 

Pentagon IG: JSF Data Not Properly Protected, By Gayle S. PutrichDefense News, May 5, 2008 

BAE technology may have been 'compromised', says Pentagon, By Danny FortsonThe Independent, May 3, 2008 

Security of F-35 Jet Secrets Questioned, By Dana HedgpethWashington Post, May 2, 2008 

Pentagon inspector faults U.S. oversight of BAE, By Jim WolfReuters, May 1, 2008 

Fighter jet program may have compromised secret technology, By Joelle Tessler Associated Press, May 1, 2008 

Pentagon Didn't Safeguard Tech At BAE Facilities - Govt Report, Dow Jones International News, May 1, 2008 

Stealth Fighter Security 'May Have Been Compromised' (Updated), By Noah ShachtmanWired News, May 1, 2008 

F-35 Joint Strike Fighter costs could hit home, by Richard BurnettOrlando Sentinel, April 7, 2008 

Idaho base could host new jet, By Christopher SmithAssociated Press, October 23, 2005