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Release from, POGO, and other Partners: Most Agencies Improve Open Government Plans Before Deadline
June 28, 2010

Twenty-two of 39 federal agencies responded to the call from to issue revised Open Government Plans by last Friday’s deadline. will work with volunteers to re-evaluate the strength of the plans, and provide feedback on the changes. The organization will release updated findings in July.

Audit Reveals Wide Variation in Agency Plans to Make Government More Open
May 3, 2010

A ranking of agencies’ Open Government Plans compiled during an independent audit reveals the strongest and weakest agency plans, with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) at the top of the list and the Department of Justice (DOJ) at the bottom. Strikingly, the audit also found that several agencies that are supposed to lead by example on the government openness front failed to do so in their Open Government Plans.

Conflicting Interests at FDA
August 8, 2008

Obama for...Transparency
June 4, 2008



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The State of the State Secrets Privilege
Podcasts; Collaboration on Government Secrecy, Washington College of Law at American University, POGO's Danielle Brian on Panel Three: Legislative Perspective -- an up-to-date view from Capitol Hill of the prospects for state secrets privilege reform by Congress (01:10:48)
November 18, 2009 

DOE Faces Security Challenges in the Post September 11, 2001, Environment
Robin M. Nazzaro, Director, Natural Resources and Environment Team, Government Accountability Office (GAO)
June 24, 2003 


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