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Revolving Door

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The SEC at Its Worst
March 23, 2010



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McCain Raises Concerns About Former Raytheon Lobbyist’s Ability to be Effective
Senator John McCain (R-AZ), United States Senate
January 26, 2009 

House panel weighs contracting reform legislation
By Elizabeth Newell, Government Executive
February 26, 2008 

Jamming the Revolving Door
By Stuart Nibley, The Procurement Lawyer, Volume 41, No.4, Summer 2006, Permission Granted
June 1, 2006 

DOD challeges defense contractors on ethics and integrity
J. Kenneth Krieg, Department of Defense
January 2, 2006 

Statement of Facts Against Sears
February 18, 2005 

GAO finds misconduct tied to Druyun and recommends a new competition for Small Diameter Bomb contract
Anthony H. Gamboa, General Counsel, GAO, Government Accountability Office
February 18, 2005 

Statement filed by Michael Sears
February 18, 2005 

U.S. Department of Defense news release
, Department of Defense
February 14, 2005 


POGO in the News

Are Most Revolving-Door Lobbyists Breaking the Law? , Dana LiebelsonMother Jones, September 7, 2012 

Ex-Lockheed Lobbyist Now Senate Armed Services Staffer, Elahe IzadiNational Journal, July 27, 2012 

D.C. library official quits, is rehired as consultant, Jim McElhattonThe Washington Times, April 10, 2012 

POGO Trying to Monitor Former CFTC Employees, Andrew JosephNational Journal, March 20, 2012 

DARPA Director Leaving For Google, Elizabeth MontalbanoInformation Week, March 13, 2012 

Former gov’t watchdogs land in private sector, Sarah ChackoFederal Times, January 6, 2012 

Supreme Group Probed Over No-Bid Contracts to Feed Troops in Afghanistan, Aram RostonThe Daily Beast, November 27, 2011 

Revolving Door at S.E.C. Is Hurdle to Crisis Cleanup, Andrew Ross SorkinThe New York Times, August 1, 2011 

Recusal policy reveals oil industry-gov't ties, Dina Cappiello, Associated PressCNBC, July 26, 2011 

SEC Lawyer Leaves To Help Whistleblowers, Samuel RubenfeldThe Wall Street Journal, July 12, 2011 

Revolving door ensures that some people have a job, Timothy Lange aka Meteor BladesDaily Kos, June 3, 2011 

David Obey heading to K Street, Chris FratesPOLITICO, June 3, 2011 

7 Ex-Politicians Who Are Now On Wall Street, Samuel Ro, The Fiscal TimesBusiness Insider, June 2, 2011 

Incest: The SEC and Wall Street, Don BauderSan Diego Reader, June 1, 2011 

Judd Gregg, Goldman’s New International Man Of Mystery, Chris FratesPOLITICO, May 31, 2011 

Rules for Employees, Including Its Own, Put S.E.C. on Hot Seat, Peter J. HenningNew York Times; Dealbook, May 17, 2011 

SEC's revolving door to Wall Street gets fresh scrutiny, Tim ReidReuters, May 13, 2011 

New Study Casts Light On SEC 'Revolving Door' Claims, Jessica Holzer, Dow Jones NewswiresNASDAQ, May 13, 2011 

Critics slam SEC's ‘revolving door', Mark Schoeff Jr.Investment News, May 13, 2011 

Citing Revolving Door, Watchdog Report Questions SEC's Independence , Brian BaxterThe AM LAW Daily, May 13, 2011 

Congress takes action on Pentagon mentors, Tom Vanden BrookUSA Today, May 13, 2011 

Former S.E.C. Official Said to Be Subject of Criminal Inquiry, Edward WyattThe New York Times, May 13, 2011 

UPDATE 1-FBI probing ex-SEC official on Stanford matter, Sarah N. LynchReuters, May 13, 2011 

Ex-SEC employees enjoy 'revolving door,' study says, Charles S. ClarkGovernment Executive, May 13, 2011 

Darpa Gave $400,000 to Chief’s Family Firm, By Noah Shachtman and Spencer AckermanWIRED; Danger Room, March 7, 2011 

Government agency under fire for contract to director’s ex-firm, By John T. BennettThe Hill, March 6, 2011 

SEC’s FCPA Chief Leaves For Simpson Thacher, Samuel RubenfeldThe Wall Street Journal, March 1, 2011 

Earmarks wane but lobbying doesn't, By Chris FratesPolitico, January 28, 2011 

Budget office keeps comments on lobbyist policy under wraps, By Kevin BogardusThe Hill, January 16, 2011 

Pentagon Issues Ethics Memo Before Gutting Conflict-of-Interest Rules, By Spencer AckermanWired; Danger Room, January 4, 2011 

Pentagon Issues Ethics Memo Before Gutting Conflict-of-Interest Rules, By Spencer AckermanWired; Danger Room, January 4, 2011 

Pentagon issues conflict of interest rule for contractors, By Marjorie CenserThe Washington Post, January 3, 2011 

From the Pentagon to the private sector, By Bryan BenderThe Boston Globe, December 26, 2010 

BLM took no action against manager who took oil company gifts, By Bryant FurlowThe New Mexico Independent, October 18, 2010 

Ex-regulator's new job queried; 'Revolving door' charge rebuffed, By Jim McElhattonThe Washington Times, October 17, 2010 

Report: Interior Dept. Took No Action After Official Accepted Oil Industry Gifts, By Andrew RestucciaThe Washington Independent, October 13, 2010 

Defense Panel: Go For Broke, By Mandy SmithbergerDefence Professionals, August 4, 2010 

‘Revolving door’ is still spinning for lawmakers, lobbyists, By Diana MarreroMilwaukee Journal Sentinel, July 30, 2010 

Obama Adm. Defends Hiring Of Ex-Health Insurance Exec To Oversee Reform, By Sam SteinThe Huffington Post, July 16, 2010 

Job door revolves despite fed rule; Career official walks thin line, By Jim McElhattonThe Washington Times, June 16, 2010 

Former FEMA director's firm to help consult on flood, By Getahn WardThe, May 25, 2010 

Conflict of Interest Worries Raised in Spill Tests, By Ian UrbinaThe New York Times, May 20, 2010 

Chertoff Joins BAE, Defense Contractor Recently Embroiled In Bribery Scandal, By Dan FroomkinThe Huffington Post, March 25, 2010 

Chronology-US Air Force tanker saga continues, By Andrea Shalal-EsaReuters, February 24, 2010 

Defense official example of revolving door between governing, lobbying, From Drew Griffin and Scott Bronstein, CNN Special Investigations UnitCNN, February 23, 2010 

Defense official example of revolving door between governing, lobbying, By Drew Griffin, CNN Special Investigations CorrespondentCNN, February 23, 2010 

Obama nuke commission choice tells Senate he’s independent, By Ben GemanThe Hill, February 9, 2010 

Obama's Pick for Commerce Post Raises Ethical Question,, January 28, 2010 

Obama's exports pick tied to arms makers, By Jim McElhattonWashington Times, January 28, 2010 

Army defends hiring of two former Bragg commanders, By Henry CunninghamFayetteville Observer (NC), December 10, 2009 

Ethics law skipped in Army mentoring hires, United Press International, December 9, 2009 

Army mentoring deals bypass ethics law, By Ken Dilanian, Tom Vanden Brook and Ray LockerUSA Today, December 7, 2009 

Rule could slow Pentagon's revolving door, By Robert, November 20, 2009 

How Retired Military Officers Make Bank As Pentagon 'Mentors', By Arthur Delaney The Huffington Post, November 18, 2009 

Defense nominee won't reveal potential conflicts, By Jim ElhattonWashington Times, November 10, 2009 

Coziness between regulators and business laid bare, By Timothy CarneyThe Washington Examiner, October 30, 2009 

Bush Nuclear Regulator Contacted Potential Employers With Business Before Agency, By Zachary RothTalking Points Memo, October 29, 2009 

Nuclear regulator broke rules, says inspector general, By Steven MufsonThe Washington Post, October 29, 2009 

POGO Points To NRC Ethics Probe Into Ex-Commissioner, By George LobenzEnergy Daily, July 14, 2009 

Obama Ex-Lobbyist Pick in New Flap, By Justin RoodRood From Washington; ABC News/Online, June 11, 2009 

Several Bush officials work in areas related to former jobs, By Fredreka SchoutenUSA Today, May 20, 2009 

FEMA Chief of Staff’s Conflict of Interest, By Jason McNamaraAllGov, May 2, 2009 

100 days: half-truths and contradictions, By Joe GarofoliSan Francisco Chronicle, April 29, 2009 

Nonprofit Lobbyists Want To Work For Obama, National Journal's Under the Influence, April 9, 2009 

Nonprofit Lobbyists Want To Work For Obama, By Bara Vaida The National Journal Online, April 9, 2009 

FEMA Chief of Staff to Recuse Himself from Contracts with Former Employer, By Daniel FowlerCQ Homeland Security, April 3, 2009 

FEMA's revolving door?, By Jen DiMascio Politico, April 2, 2009 

Bush Faithful Rewarded With Jobs, By Dan EggenThe Washington Post, February 10, 2009 

The Difficulty Of Walking The Line, By Eliza Newlin CarneyNational Journal, February 9, 2009 

Ethics Groups Pounce On Gibbs' Statement, By Rob SteinHuffington Post, January 29, 2009 

McCain presses Obama's Pentagon nominee on conflicts, By Jim WolfReuters, January 28, 2009 

Watchdogs give lobbyist a pass for senior health post, By Jeffrey YoungThe Hill, January 26, 2009 

Raytheon lobbyist picked for deputy Defense post, By Julian BarnesThe Los Angeles Times, January 23, 2009 

The President Orders Transparency, EditorialThe New York Times, January 23, 2009 

Lynn's appointment still not settled, By Jen DimascioPolitico, January 23, 2009 

Obama’s ethics rules come with exceptions, By Elise Castelli Federal Times, January 22, 2009 

Committee Needs Waiver to Act on Lynn Nomination for Defense Deputy, By Josh RoginCQ Online, January 22, 2009 

Ex-Lobbyist, Defense Official Criticized for Conflicts of Interest, Record, By Justin RoodABC News for Brian Ross, January 22, 2009 

Watchdogs want ex-lobbyist out, By Jen DimascioPolitico, January 22, 2009 

Obama Lobbyist Rules May Bar Deputy SecDef Nominee, By William MatthewsDefense News, January 22, 2009 

Obama's shunning of lobbyists in his administration isn't ironclad, By Jim Drinkard & Ann FlahertyAssociated Press & The Minneapolis - St. Paul Star Tribune, January 22, 2009 

POGO urges Obama to withdraw Lynn's nomination, By Alice LipowiczFederal Computer Week, January 22, 2009 

Gates tries to reassure US Congress on deputy pick, By Andrew Gray; and Andrea Shalal-EsaReuters News , January 22, 2009 

Blair hearing likely smooth, By Shaun WatermanUnited Press International and Washington Times, January 22, 2009 

Principi prodded VA on Chantix; Ex-secretary asked if use would continue, By Audrey Hudson and Jen HaberkornThe Washington Times, July 9, 2008 

Vacant Government Jobs, With Lisa SylvesterCNN: Lou Dobbs This Week, June 26, 2008 

Defense executive running for Third District GOP nomination faces scrutiny, By Cynthia BurtonPhiladelphia Inquirer, May 13, 2008 

Bills would slow revolving door between FAA, airlines, By Gregg CarlstromFederal Times, April 15, 2008 

Ike's Warning on Military-Industrial Complex Ignored, by William HughesAmerican Chronicle, April 11, 2008 

DHS allows industry liaison to keep his business ties, By Ben BainFederal Computer Week, February 26, 2008 

Departing FAA Chief Comes Under Fire, by Alan LevinUSA Today, September 11, 2007 

FAA' s Blakey to head Aerospace Industries Association, By Daniel, August 22, 2007 

FAA's Blakey to head Aerospace Industries Association, by Daniel, August 22, 2007 

DHS Returns to Broader 1-Year Lobby Ban, By Dan CaterinicchiaHouston Chronicle (Associated Press), March 8, 2007 

Spy chief nominee faces echoes of past, by Ted Bridis, Associated PressUSA Today, January 31, 2007 

Shaw aims to extend worldwide reach, By Ryan HuffContra Costa Times, December 10, 2006 

Site revealing salaries could shake up Hill management, by Sheila VemmerFederal Times, October 30, 2006 

A lucrative connection, by John ChevesLexington Herald-Leader, October 22, 2006 

5 ethical missteps and how to avoid them, by Brian, September 4, 2006