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Conflicts of Interest

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DOD challenges defense contractors on ethics and integrity
by Kenneth J. Krieg, Department of Defense

Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business Program: Case Studies Show Fraud and Abuse Allowed Ineligible Firms to Obtain Millions of Dollars in Contracts
Statement of Gregory D. Kutz, Managing Director, Government Accountability Office (GAO) Report #GAO-10-306T
December 16, 2009 

Veterans Health Administration: Inadequate Controls over Miscellaneous Obligations Increase Risk over Procurement Transactions
Statement of Kay L. Daly, Director Financial Management and Assurance, Government Accountability Office, Report #GAO-10-307T
December 16, 2009 

Results in Brief: Contracted Advisory and Assistance Services for the U.S. Army Future Combat Systems
Inspector General, Department of Defense, Department of Defense Report No. D-2010-024
November 24, 2009 


POGO in the News

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Pentagon Issues Ethics Memo Before Gutting Conflict-of-Interest Rules, By Spencer AckermanWired; Danger Room, January 4, 2011 

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Boeing's call for help from Air Force raises more questions, by Byron AcohidoUSA Today, December 8, 2003