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Transparency in Contracting

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Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business Program: Case Studies Show Fraud and Abuse Allowed Ineligible Firms to Obtain Millions of Dollars in Contracts
Statement of Gregory D. Kutz, Managing Director, Government Accountability Office (GAO) Report #GAO-10-306T
December 16, 2009 

Veterans Health Administration: Inadequate Controls over Miscellaneous Obligations Increase Risk over Procurement Transactions
Statement of Kay L. Daly, Director Financial Management and Assurance, Government Accountability Office, Report #GAO-10-307T
December 16, 2009 


POGO in the News

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Cerberus to acquire DynCorp for $1 billion, By Kyle Peterson in Chicago, Andrea Shalal-Esa in Washington, and Steve Eder and Elinor Comlay in New York. Editing by Lisa Von Ahn, Robert MacMillan and Tim DobbynReuters, April 12, 2010 

A missed opportunity for accountablity from the Obama administration, By Matthew WeigeltFederal Computer Week, March 24, 2010 

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U.S. Still Using Security Firm It Broke With, By Mark Landler and Mark MazzettiNew York Times, August 21, 2009 

New contracting rules could have big impact on DOE, By Alexander DuncanInside Energy (By subscription only), August 3, 2009 

House contracting caucus tackles acquisition workforce issues, By Robert BrodskyGovernment Executive Magazine, May 18, 2009 

Senate Makes Major Concession in Stripping Internet Posting Provision From Stimulus, By Daphne EviatorWashington Independent (Online), March 11, 2009 

Obama Supports Acquisition Reform Bill, By John M. DoyleAviation Week, March 5, 2009 

President Orders Review of Federal Contracting System More Competition, Accountability for Procurement Sought, By Scott Wiilson and Robert O'Harrow, Jr.The Washington Post, March 5, 2009 

Payton Mandates More Openness with Industry as KC-X Award Nears, Inside the Air Force, December 21, 2007 

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