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POGO Supports Whistleblower Review
September 17, 2009



Related Resources

Inquiry Into The Role And Oversight Of Private Security Contractors In Afghanistan
Committee On Armed Services, United States Senate
October 7, 2010 

Letter For the Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines and Civilians of NATO ISAF and US Forces-Afghanistan Regarding COMISAF's Counterinsurgency Culture
David H. Petraeus, General, United States Army Commander, International Security Assistance Force, United States Forces-Afghanistan
August 1, 2010 

Warlord, Inc.; Extortion and Corruption Along the U.S. Supply Chain in Afghanistan
Report of the Majority Staff, Representative John F. Tierney, Chair, Subcommittee on National Security and Foreign Affairs; Committee On Oversight and Government Reform; U.S. House of Representatives
June 1, 2010 

Transportation Technology Innovation and Demonstration Program (TTID)
Joseph W. Come, Assistant Inspector General for Surface and Maritime Program Audits, Federal Highway Administration, Report # MH-2010-030
December 8, 2009 

Senators McCaskill, Collins, and Bennett's letter to Department of State regarding the allegations of whistleblower retaliation
, Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO), Senator Susan Collins, Senator Robert Bennett
September 16, 2009 

McCaskill Questions Chairman of the Joint Chiefs on Contracting in Afghanistan
, Press Office of Senator Claire McCaskill
September 15, 2009 

Testimony of Terry Pearson
, Commission on Wartime Contracting in Iraq and Afghanistan
September 14, 2009 

C-Span Video: Commission on Wartime Contracting Hearing on State Dept. Hiring Practices
, C-Span (follow the video links to watch the 3 sessions of witnesses)
September 14, 2009 

McCaskill Statement On Wartime Contracting Commission Hearing On Kabul Embassy Contract
, Press Office of Senator Claire McCaskill
September 14, 2009 

Wartime Contracting to probe State Department oversight and contractor-employee conduct
, Commission on Wartime Contracting in Iraq and Afghanistan
September 4, 2009 

U.S. Embassy Statement on Local Guard Force
, United States Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan
September 4, 2009 

State Department Daily Press Briefing Transcript
, State Department Press Secretary Ian Kelly
September 2, 2009 

State Department Daily Press Briefing Video
, State Department Press Secretary Ian Kelly
September 2, 2009 

State Department Daily Press Briefing Video
, State Department with Ian Kelly, Department Spokesman
September 1, 2009 

The Public Cost of Private Security in Afghanistan (Briefing Paper)
Jake Sherman and Victoria DiDomenico, Center On International Cooperation, New York University
September 1, 2009 

State Department Daily Press Briefing Transcript
, State Department with Ian Kelly, Department Spokesman
September 1, 2009 

Audit of USAID/Iraq's Community Stabilization Program
Office of the Inspector General, Audit Report #E-267-08-001-P, United States Agency International Development
March 18, 2008 

Contracting: Additional Personal Conflict of Interest Safeguards Needed for Certain DoD Contractor Employees
, Government Accountability Office (GAO) Report # GAO-08-169
March 1, 2008 


POGO in the News

Transparency Outsourced as U.S. Hires Vendors for Disclosure Aid, Danielle IvoryBloomberg, October 8, 2012 

GAO can't solve the 'who's cheaper' debate, Matthew Weigelt Federal Computer Week (, July 25, 2012 

The performance of the GSA is Congress' responsibility, Rep. Dany K. Davis (D-Ill.)The Hill, May 1, 2012 

Lawmakers challenge the Pentagon’s reliance on service contractors, Charles S. ClarkGovernment Execuitve (, April 26, 2012 

D.C. library official quits, is rehired as consultant, Jim McElhattonThe Washington Times, April 10, 2012 

Senate hearing looks at contractor costs to government, Michael Keating Govpro, April 3, 2012 

Senator knocks government spending on contractors, Amber CorrinFederal Computer Week (, March 29, 2012 

GAO: Federal government wastes billions on duplicate services, Danielle, March 20, 2012 

PENA: Overspending due to mission creep, Charles V. PenaThe Washington Times, February 20, 2012 

Deepwater acquisition sinks, but not without lessons, Alice LipowiczFederal Computer Week, January 15, 2012 

Siemens Pivots To Thrive In US After Bribery Settlement, Samuel RubenfeldThe Wall Street Journal, December 15, 2011 

Pentagon moves against conversion of in-house work to contractors, Charles S. ClarkGovernment Executive (, December 7, 2011 

Obama Fights Senate Attempt to Limit Contractors Doing Government Work, Noel, November 29, 2011 

A Hidden Toll as States Shift to Contract Workers, By Motoko RichThe New York Times , November 7, 2011 

House committee approves bill to cut 10% of workforce by 2015, Stephen LoseyFederal Times, November 3, 2011 

Five places where the rich got richer, Daniel Denvir and John Paul DeWittSalon, October 27, 2011 

Letter to the Editor: Cost comparisons, Paul Chassy, Investigator, Project On Government OversightFederal Times, October 17, 2011 

One nation, underemployed, Sally KohnReuters, October 7, 2011 

NASA Leverages In-House IT Talent, Brittany BallenstedtNext Gov, September 21, 2011 

Defining intelligence contractors’ jobs, and pay, is a fuzzy job, Joe DavidsonThe Washington Post; The Federal Diary, September 20, 2011 

Contract labor: Pay, benefits often double that of feds, Sarah ChackoFederal Times, September 19, 2011 

Study: Privatizing government doesn’t actually save money, Brad PlumerThe Washington Post; Ezra Klein's Wonkblog, September 15, 2011 

Government Pays More in Contracts, Study Finds, Ron NixonThe New York Times, September 12, 2011 

OMB announces final guidance on inherently governmental functions, Charles S. ClarkGovernment Executive, September 9, 2011 

Efforts to bring jobs in-house may be losing momentum, Charles S. ClarkGovernment Executive, May 31, 2011 

The Pentagon retreats on insourcing as spending slows, By Marjorie CenserThe Washington Post, April 3, 2011 

Letter to the Editor: The outsourcing debate, Scott Amey, POGOFederal Times, March 5, 2011 

Vodka Butt-Shot Contractor STILL Guarding the Kabul Embassy, By Daniel SchulmanMother Jones, February 17, 2011 

Oversight woes hound private job agencies, By Jason ClayworthDes Moines Register, October 30, 2010 

At Least They're Not Doing Vodka Butt Shots Anymore, David IsenbergThe Huffington Post, October 29, 2010 

More Contracts Flood KBR (KBR) with Cash Despite a Questionable Reputation, By Leo, September 23, 2010 

Treasury declines to allow law firm to testify before oversight panel, By Ryan, September 22, 2010 

Inherent or Non-Inherent: That is the Question, By David IsenbergThe Huffington Post, July 6, 2010 

Defining 'inherently governmental' and role of contractors in U.S. war fight, By Joe DavidsonThe Washington Post, June 22, 2010 

Guard work defies easy labels, By Robert BrodskyGovernment Executive, June 18, 2010 

More jobs shift to feds under proposed guidance, By Gregg CarlstromFederal Times, April 4, 2010 

Administration puts its stamp on 'inherently governmental', By Robert BrodskyGovernment Executive, March 31, 2010 

Surprise! Another War-Zone Embassy Poorly Guarded by Contractors, By Spencer AckermanThe Washington Independent, March 26, 2010 

Federal Diary: Federalizing security contractors might make our country safer, By Joe DavidsonWashington Post, January 29, 2010 

GAO's Former Top Lawyer Grabs the Ax as Contract Chief, By Jenna GreeneThe National Law Journal;, January 5, 2010 

U.S. System for Tracking Traffic Flow Is Faulted, By Eric LiptonThe New York Times, December 13, 2009 

Going Naked in Kabul, By Gail Collins, Opinion PieceNew York Times, December 11, 2009 

Contractors Watching Contractors, By Jeremy ScahillThe Nation, December 10, 2009 

Lawmakers slam office overseeing Afghan rebuilding, By Richard LardnerAssociated Press;, December 9, 2009 

Race to the Bottom , By Robert BrodskyGovernment Executive Magazine, December 9, 2009 

U.S. Seeks New Guards in Kabul, By August ColeWall Street Journal On-line, December 8, 2009 

ArmorGroup Loses Kabul Embassy Contract, By Daniel SchulmanMother Jones, December 8, 2009 

Company losing security contract for Kabul embassy, By Richard LardnerAssociated Press; ABC News, December 8, 2009 

State Department drops contractor involved in Embassy Kabul scandal, By Josh RoginForeign Policy: The Cable, December 8, 2009 

State fires embattled security contractor, By Elise CastelliFederal Times, December 8, 2009 

POGO: ArmorGroup loses Kabul embassy contract, By Laura RozenPolitico, December 8, 2009 

Controversial security firm loses Kabul contract, By Ed O’KeefeThe Washington Post; Federal Eye, December 8, 2009 

Podcast: POGO's Danielle Brian, Private Military Herald podcast; PMH Radio, September 20, 2009 

The business of war and profit: Aren’t we proud?, By Kelley VlahosThe American Conservative Magazine, September 17, 2009 

POGO Blasts State Department Over ArmorGroup Oversight Before Wartime Contracting Commission, By Spencer AckermanWashington Independent, September 14, 2009 

State Department contracting scandal: Kennedy on the hotseat, By Josh RoginForeign Policy, September 14, 2009 

Not Just Whistling Dixie with Guest Terry Pearson, former U.S. contractor, With Rachel MaddowThe Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC, September 14, 2009 

Embassy Scandal: A New Abu Ghraib?, By Dan SchulmanMother Jones, September 14, 2009 

State urged to cancel Kabul embassy security contract, By Elizabeth NewellGovernment Executive Magazine, September 14, 2009 

Official: Kabul Embassy Hazing Covered Up, By Sharyl AttkissonCBS News Online, September 14, 2009 

Official Says Contractor in Kabul May Be Ousted, By Ginger ThompsonThe New York Times, September 14, 2009 

State Department's Oversight of Security Contractors Is Scrutinized, By Mary Beth SheridanThe Washington Post, September 13, 2009 

Company Kept Kabul Security Contract Despite Record, By Ginger Thompson and Mark LandlerThe New York Times, September 12, 2009 

Ex-Manager: More Excesses By U.S. Embassy Guards, By Michele KelemanNational Public Radio, September 11, 2009 

Whistleblower sues Afghanistan security contractor, By Charley KeyesCNN, September 11, 2009 

Afghan Embassy Scandal's Link to Cost-Cutting Security, By Ken StierTIME Magazine, September 11, 2009 

2 Say They Reported Abuses at Embassy , By Ginger Thompson with Mark LandlerThe New York Times, September 10, 2009 

POGO Reacts to ArmorGroup Whistleblower Lawsuit, By Spencer AckermanThe Washington Independent Online, September 10, 2009 

Ex-managers: security firm cut corners at embassy, By RIichard LardnerThe Examiner; Associated Press, September 10, 2009 

Embassy contractor faces new charges, By Jen DiMascioPolitico, September 10, 2009 

Naked Pool Parties, Alleged Sex Acts at Kabul U.S. Embassy Force Out 10 Guards, By Megan Chuchmach and Nick SchifrinABC News The Blotter With Brian Ross, September 4, 2009 

Systemic Problems Found With State Department Contract With Kabul Embassy Security, By Spencer AckermanWashington Independent Online, September 4, 2009 

Concerned Foreign Service Officers: Photos Are An 'Ugly Manifestation' of State Department Contractor Culture, By Spencer AckermanThe Washington Independent, September 3, 2009 

Afghan U.S. Embassy patrol in 'deviant' parties with booze, hookers - report, By Richard Sisk New York Daily News, September 2, 2009 

Life During Wartime: U.S. Embassy contractors gone wild?, The Rachel Maddow Show, MSNBC, September 2, 2009 

First Person: 'Lewd Behavior' At U.S. Embassy, Associated Press via YouTube, September 2, 2009 

Contractors in Kabul accused of 'lewd and deviant behavior', By Gordon Lubold Christian Science Monitor, September 2, 2009 

Contractor to Continue Work in Iraq Temporarily, By Mark LandlerNew York Times, September 2, 2009 

'Deviant hazing' alleged at U.S. Embassy in Kabul,, September 2, 2009 

Contractors Outnumber U.S. Troops In Afghanistan, by Kevin WhitelawNPR - National Public Radio, September 2, 2009 

Kabul Embassy Report, With Jill DoughertyCNN, September 1, 2009 

Guards Gone Wild in Kabul, With Sharyl AttkissonCBS News, September 1, 2009 

Allegations of misconduct by the private security company guarding the U.S. Embassy compound in Kabul, With Margaret WarnerThe News Hour with Jim Lehrer (audio) Video is available here (scroll until there's 27:57 left) , September 1, 2009 

Group: US Embassy Guards in Kabul Are Mistreated , Associated Press; The New York Times, September 1, 2009 

Watchdog group alleges misbehavior by State Dept. security contractors, By Elise CastelliFederal Times, September 1, 2009 

Animal House in Afghanistan, By Daniel SchulmanMother Jones, September 1, 2009 

POGO investigates abuses at U.S. Embassy in Kabul, By Frank, September 1, 2009 

Watchdog questions security at U.S. Embassy in Kabul, By David AlexanderReuters, September 1, 2009 

'Lord of the Flies' in Kabul, By Jen DimascioPolitico, September 1, 2009 

Clinton told of security failings in Afghanistan, By Richard LardnerAssociated Press; Houston Chronicle, September 1, 2009 

U.S. Embassy Guards Accused of Misconduct in Afghanistan, By Ann Scott TysonThe Washington Post, September 1, 2009 

Blackwater tapped foreigners on secret CIA program, By Adam Goldman and Pamela HessAssociated Press; ABC News, August 31, 2009 

U.S. Still Using Security Firm It Broke With, By Mark Landler and Mark MazzettiNew York Times, August 21, 2009 

Napolitano must define inherently government work, find people to do it, By Alice LipowiczFederal Computer Week, July 2, 2009 

DHS scrutiny of services contracts draws flak, By Alice LipowiczWashington Technology, June 10, 2009