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POGO in the News

DoD's contract audit agency hobbled by backlog, Sarah Chacko Federal Times, May 29, 2012 

Lawmakers likely to expand cap on contractor pay, Sarah ChackoFederal Times, December 14, 2011 

Bell Helicopter's sale of program is U.S. taxpayers' loss, Bob CoxFort Worth Star Telegram, July 15, 2011 

Leaked email shows Defense audit agency sought subpoena power, contractor pay caps, Charles S. ClarkGovernment Executive (, July 14, 2011 

Taxpayers on the hook to pay for Boeing tanker overruns, George Talbot Alabama Live (, July 13, 2011 

Boeing found to have overcharged Army for helicopter parts, Charles S. ClarkGovernment, June 28, 2011 

Audit: Boeing overcharged U.S. Army $13M for helicopter parts, Martha, June 28, 2011 

Report criticizes defense agency’s auditing, By Robert O'Harrow JrThe Washington Post, March 20, 2011 

Senate committee considers contract auditing reform, By Scott CarrFederal News Radio, February 8, 2011 

Senate Committee Mulls Future of DCAA, By Jack MooreExecutive Gov, February 2, 2011 

DCAA defends tighter scope on audits, By Alice LipowiczWashington Technology, November 2, 2010 

DOD auditors raise the limit on what they'll examine, By Alice LipowiczWashington Technology, October 29, 2010 

DCAA auditors need independence, By POGO's Danielle Brian and Mandy SmithbergerFederal Times, April 4, 2010 

Embattled DCAA director reassigned, By Elise CastelliFederal Times, October 26, 2009 

DCAA director outlines new standards for audit quality, By Elise CastelliFederal Times, October 6, 2008 

Contracting Audit Agency Target of Investigations, By Robert O'Harrow Jr. and Dana HedgpethThe Washington Post, September 10, 2008 

Is DCAA cutting corners? , By Elise CastelliFederal Times, September 9, 2008 

DoD asks corporate execs to review agency, Federal Times, August 18, 2008 

GAO report sparks call for DCAA resignations, Washington Technology, July 25, 2008